Intro to Kubernetes on Rancher 2.0

Ready to learn more about using Kubernetes and Rancher?

This free online training is aimed at users new to Kubernetes, or those interested in using Rancher to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes.

In this session, our expert walks you through:

  • Essential Kubernetes concepts
  • The key components of a Kubernetes deployment
  • Deploying and scaling a containerized application with Kubernetes, Helm, and Rancher
  • All demonstrations are done live and in real-time.

Questions Answered in the Training

Q: I have an AWS EKS cluster creating the stacks in cloud formation, but when it tries to post, it fails with 403 errors. I have it creating the stacks in cloud formation, but when it tries to post, it fails with 403 errors. yesterday it told me S3 error. key didnt exist. then I went to edit it, and it changed the region on me. Having seen the process you just went through Jason, do you think I need more permissions maybe or another issue to check?

Q: What are the OS’s allowed to run rancher? Can I use CentOS? or is it strictly Ubuntu currently

Q: Is it an issue to change the configuration of the node? IE ichange the instance size on the fly?

Q: For the pipeline will you be supporting gitlab?

Q: I’d like to know if I can use other load balancer in front of my Rancher cluster rather than nginx?

Q: Is it still possible to define your own catalog?

Q: I note that the native k8s dashboard is not offered in R2.0… Is the expectation that the R2.0 UX will take the place of that?

Q: For logging would like to be able to change the index when using Splunk for logging. Since the default index is overused at our location. Is there an easy way to this?

Q: Anything about Tools: Pipeline I enabled it but have not been able to find any documention on how it works or testing it.

Q: Is Alpine Linux supported or road mapped for support?

Q: can you use Appstream 2.0/AD Config on Azure for a bastion host or domain controller and control Rancher access through the AWS/Azure?

Q: What specs do you recommend to use for etcd? and control node?

Q: In what circumstance would one need to add more etcd and/or control nodes?

Q: The Network layer from rancher 1 is removed in v2, so only the k8 overlay is used for the Network? How can u seperate Network for example you got 2 Datacenters? 1Network stranged between?

Q: Do you need to define docker storeoverlay or u can use Rancher for define for the notes of the cluster?

Q: Have you successfully deployed Rancher 2.0 onto Docker Toolbox and VirtualBox 5.2.8??? I have not been able to get the Rancher 2.0 to correctly deploy a 3 node service?

Q: What does Canal look like?

Q: I have a question. I do not know where it will fit. Logging. Does Rancher have its own logging machnism or does it depend on Kubernetes logging?

Q: Does Rancher automate the creation of ingress controllers?

Q: Are there rancher server images for ARM?

Q: Is it possible to define user quotas from rancher?

Q: Is there any update to Rancher secrets in 2.0?

Q: Can you elaborate on the production ETCD requirements? You mentioned it in passing but I didn’t qu ite catch it.

Q: What is the best way to integrate rancher with Oracle cloud? I dont want to, but I have to work with Oracle cloud :/

Q: Are pods designed to have replicas of a running service that have the same datasource , meaning havingn several instances of the same service to be able to load balance.. or pods can also be used to host totally differnt instances of an app ?

Q: due to the GEO issues mentioned, if i have a cluster for US and another for Europe.. is it possible to move a pod at some point across clusters?

Q: Can we see an example of using a SideCar container later in the demo using Wordpress and Mysql for example?

Q: What is the status of GitLab support for Rancher Pipeline? One Rancher 2.0.2, the only supported Git repo was GitHub.

Q: RKE is not working properly in Rancher 2.0.2 using a Custom Cluster.

Q: Why from 2.0 is not possible to use as CI-CD like in 1.x version?

Q: Dockers that are using gRPC must use load balancing or it will be possible to map the ports during the Pod definition?

Q: Check out this article to use Rancher 2.0 with Docker ona Mac machine.

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