Optimizing Applications and Infrastructure with Atlantis Computing and Rancher

Gray Calendar Icon Published: October 26, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

Yesterday, Atlantis Computing announced a new converged platform for managing infrastructure and containers, which combines Rancher with their award-winning USX software-defined storage solution. This turnkey solution will make it easier for IT organizations to deliver containers as a service to their developers with enterprise-grade storage, without losing sight of the very real, bottom-line benefits that come from optimizing virtualized infrastructure. This solution will be available as a tech preview in early November. Credit: Atlantis
Computing Credit: Atlantis Computing From a single UI, users will be able to provision a new compute host and automatically create USX-powered container persistent storage for containers on those hosts; moreover, that storage takes advantage of Atlantis’ USX technology for data reduction and near-instantaneous IO for containers running in memory. The result: containerized applications that can run, scale, and update that much faster, with lower data center costs, and straightforward management for organizations building and overseeing them. Atlantis’ Hugo Phan does an excellent job of diving into the technical details of the platform here. Using containers to make applications portable across diverse infrastructure requires more than just a standardized unit for shipping code: it needs networking, persistent storage, orchestration, image registries, orchestration, access controls, and more. This preview from Atlantis takes the original premise of \“run anywhere\” a step further, and we are thrilled that they’re using Rancher to help deliver this solution. Atlantis will make the preview of this solution available for the community, and we will be joining them for a webinar on November 10, at 9 AM PST. We’re excited to get your feedback!

Webinar: Enterprise Data Services for Containers with Atlantis + Rancher

Delivering intelligent storage for Docker containers is still in its infancy, but Atlantis and Rancher are previewing a enterprise-class solution for container management, data services, and persistent storage. Join us and learn how we can scale container- and application-defined storage on any infrastructure.

  • Date: Thursday, November 10
  • Time: 9 AM PST

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