Hosted Rancher

Hosted, fully managed Rancher control plane - the fastest, most cost-effective path to multi-cluster Kubernetes in your enterprise.

Why Hosted Rancher?

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Free up your teams to focus on Day 2 cluster operations

Ideal for teams that just want to deploy and manage their Kubernetes clusters and not run the Rancher control plane.

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Stress-free upgrades, security patches & backups

Let our expert team minimize the operational overhead of installing, upgrading, securing and scaling Rancher in your enterprise.

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Enterprise assurance with our 99.9% uptime SLA

Available as an add-on to our subscription services, we support built-in tooling like Grafana, Prometheus, Fluentd, Istio and more.

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Maintain full visibility & control of your clusters

Although we manage Rancher for you 24x7x365, your team can access its downstream Kubernetes clusters at all times.

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Remote monitoring and log management

Let the team that created Rancher optimize your deployment with zero maintenance overhead.

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Built using our reference architecture

Deployed securely using industry best practices, leveraging our global support and consulting teams to ensure success with Kubernetes.

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Streamline your release pipeline

Includes everything you need to manage your development lifecycle: monitoring, service mesh, smart auto-scaling, support for serverless environments, GitOps-based continuous delivery, and more.

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Business continuity for critical infrastructure and applications

Sometimes the least reliable component of your environment are the people who run it. Hosted Rancher ensures the continuity of your critical infra and apps if staff move on.

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Lowest TCO helps you build a business case for Kubernetes

Offloading the overhead for managing your Rancher control plane not only reduces operational risk but is better economics. Hosted Rancher is the fastest and most affordable route to onboarding Kubernetes at scale.

Architecture & Tech Stack

Hosted Rancher supports a customer's on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure including EKS, AKS and GKE. To maximize scale-out and security, we've built Hosted Rancher using our proven reference architecture. Hosted Rancher leverages our latest Rancher GA release, running on K3s, our popular lightweight Kubernetes distribution. For maximum performance and simplicity, we've selected containerd over the better-known Docker, and MySQL rather than etcd as our primary datastore.

Download the reference architecture guide

Developer Services by Hosted Rancher

Deploy certified applications easier & faster

Frequently asked questions

What is Hosted Rancher?

Hosted Rancher is a new offering from Rancher Labs. As the name implies, Rancher is completely hosted for you in the cloud. Rancher Labs takes care of the installation, upgrade, and day-to-day operations of your Rancher control plane. Using Rancher, you can then add your own cloud-based, on-premise, AKS, GKE, or EKS clusters. For more information, see the Rancher v2.4 announcement or blog announcement.

Can Hosted Rancher manage my on-premise clusters running on VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, or bare metal servers?

Yes, there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. You can provision your VMs or bare metal servers ahead of time and use the Custom Cluster option when creating your Kubernetes cluster. A Docker command will be provided which you can run on each server to join the cluster. Your on-premise servers will only require outbound (egress) access to Hosted Rancher. If you want to use the vSphere node driver to have Hosted Rancher provision your infrastructure, Hosted Rancher will need inbound (ingress) access to your on-premises infrastructure.

When I sign up for Hosted Rancher, does it also include downstream Kubernetes clusters?

Currently, our Hosted Rancher service only includes the Rancher multi-cluster management software. Downstream clusters are not provided as part of the service. You will either need to use Rancher to provision Kubernetes clusters on-premise or in a cloud provider account that you own. You can also import existing Kubernetes clusters into Hosted Rancher.

Is there any limit on the number of downstream clusters or nodes Hosted Rancher can manage?

Hosted Rancher can manage up to 2,000 downstream clusters and a total of 20,000 nodes across all clusters. Check with your account executive on the node and cluster limits for your support contract.

Can I integrate Hosted Rancher with my AD, SAML, or LDAP based directory service?

Yes, the option to do authentication integration is available in Hosted Rancher and you can find all the options and directions in our documentation. Integration with external authentication services such as Azure AD is fairly trivial. For integration with a private or on-premise directory service, you may need to open ports in your firewall or use Hosted Rancher’s VPN or VPC peering capabilities. Rancher Labs support team can guide you through this setup if needed.

What’s the price of Hosted Rancher?

Hosted Rancher is available to Platinum subscription customers for an incremental fee. For more information about Hosted Rancher pricing contact us.

Does Hosted Rancher offer an uptime SLA?

Yes, Hosted Rancher offers a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). For the details on our SLA, check your master service agreement or contact your Account Executive.

Does Hosted Rancher offer a support SLA?

Yes, Hosted Rancher offers the same support Service Level Agreement (SLA) to both Hosted Rancher and customers who manage their own Rancher server instance. Support tickets can be opened both by email and via the Rancher Support Portal. Details of the support SLA can be found in the Terms of Service page.

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