Day Two Kubernetes
Cluster Operations

Your Kubernetes clusters need ongoing attention to stay healthy and perform at their best. Rancher 2.2 monitors, manages, backs up, and restores Kubernetes clusters. It features new tools for controlling applications deployed across multiple clusters, plus a host of new flexibility around ongoing operations.

Rancher 2.2 Is Available Now!

Round out your deployments with tools that carry you across the finish line.

Rancher Cluster BDR and Rancher Global DNS address the needs of developers and operations teams who want to automate everything related to application availability and cluster reliability.

Smart DNS Provisioning for Every Application

By provisioning and maintaining DNS records for applications running in both single and multi-cluster environments, Rancher Global DNS assures that users can reach your application from the moment it launches, with no extra effort required.

Strong Options for Surviving Cluster Failures

Rancher Cluster BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) runs scheduled and ad hoc snapshots of etcd, writing them to local or S3 storage, with management via both Rancher and the Kubernetes API. You now have the tools and the confidence to not only protect against disasters but recover from them quickly.

Install, upgrade, and manage apps in multiple clusters as if they were a single deployment.

Multi-cluster apps solve real-world problems encountered by telcos, businesses with distributed clusters or multi-region applications, and security teams who need to maintain software on every cluster.

Reduce the Load on Operations Teams

Teams responsible for managing applications can now deploy and upgrade them across all installations with a single action.

The energy and time saved frees these valuable resources to focus on other business initiatives.

Instantly Scale Availability

An application in one cluster is a single point of failure. By deploying into multiple clusters your applications stay healthy even if a provider or region goes down.

Deploy Apps Like You Deploy Infrastructure

The industry moved to containers for their immutability, the knowledge that the same action delivers the same result. Software like Terraform and Ansible did the same for infrastructure.

The same confidence now exists for applications. A single action brings about a reliable result, every time. Take any Helm chart, and any member of the team can deploy and upgrade it on every cluster, secure in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, a rollback is only a click away.

"Our AI solution, B-Yond INFINITY, runs on Kubernetes in telco environments and must support multi-cluster deployments for availability reasons. This is beneficial for lifecycle management and in the edge deployments that we see emerging in 5G edge cloud. With Rancher 2.2, we can now fully automate the process and integrate with our lifecycle management process, reducing time and risk while remaining compliant with telco-grade requirements."

Rikard Kjellberg, Chief Product Officer

Easily monitor and graph everything in the cluster, from the nodes to the Pods to your own applications.

Rancher Advanced Monitoring, powered by Prometheus, gives developers and cluster operators real-time data about the performance of every piece of the cluster, from the Nodes to the Pods to the applications.

Jump to the Source of Any Problem

When something goes wrong in the cluster, the metrics collected by Rancher make it easy to spot the source of the problem, whether it be a workload or a particular Pod. As clusters grow, the metrics collected over time let operators plan for capacity changes well before hitting resource constraints.

Securely Share Metrics with Application Owners

Rancher's multi-tenant Prometheus architecture keeps project data secure and only visible to the right people. Share metrics with project owners, and empower them to make decisions about the workloads that they manage.

Your Cluster. Your Metrics.

Expose an HTTP path with metrics about the performance of your application, and Rancher will graph these alongside the Kubernetes metrics. Developers and operators can correlate cluster performance with application usage data and make decisions that consider all of the information.

Preloaded with the Power of Grafana

Rancher creates all of the Grafana dashboards you need to understand what's happening in the cluster. You stay focused on the task at hand. Rancher deploys the tools that keep you on point.

"We use Rancher as a single pane of glass to run mission-critical applications with enterprise level control and visibility across multiple clusters. It’s very important to monitor the health of these applications and we’re excited by the enhanced Prometheus support in Rancher, as it allows us to see advanced metrics from our Kubernetes clusters."

Greg Cordell, Sr. Director of IT and SRE
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