Rancher 2.5

The Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platform

Streamline and secure cloud-native application delivery from core to cloud to edge

What's new in Rancher 2.5?

Install, observe and secure Kubernetes from 1 to 1,000,000 clusters, anywhere

Run Rancher 2.5 everywhere, whether a single or multi-cluster deployment. Git-powered continuous delivery and advanced observability tools allow for maximum cluster consistency and operational insight from core to cloud to edge.

This latest update enables Rancher to support apps from 1 to 1,000,000 clusters, running any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution, from a single console with built-in security capabilities.

By streamlining application delivery across any infrastructure in any location, enterprises can use Rancher 2.5 to accelerate their journey towards true digital transformation.

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Leverage full lifecycle management for Amazon EKS clusters

Gives operators full lifecycle management of the most popular cloud-hosted distributions including node management and autoscaling, from a single pane of glass.

Import, provision, upgrade, and configure and secure clusters on Amazon EKS directly using the Rancher’s new unified, intuitive user experience.

Additionally, Rancher managed Amazon EKS deployments support CIS templating and scanning to minimize configuration drift between clusters.

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Adopt a compliance-based approach to securing your infrastructure & apps

Built for US government agencies, RKE Government is a hardened, FIPS-enabled alternative to RKE, Rancher’s popular hybrid-cloud Kubernetes distribution.

By adopting a compliance-based approach towards security, RKE Government targets standard risk management frameworks and best practices with the goal of stronger defense for cloud-native apps.

RKE Government is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution and empowers declarative cloud-native workflows on bare-metal, public cloud or air-gap.

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Amazon EKS is designed to simplify enterprise Kubernetes adoption securely and at scale. We are delighted to see Rancher 2.5 provide full lifecycle management for Kubernetes clusters running on Amazon EKS.

Bob Wise / General Manager, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Inc

How does Rancher 2.5 streamline and secure cloud-native application delivery from core to cloud to edge?

Rancher Now Installable on Any Cluster

Rancher 2.5 now makes it easy for single cluster deployments to enjoy the same benefits enjoyed by our multi-cluster users:

  • Simplified cluster operations
  • Enterprise-grade security and policy enforcement
  • Easy access to our cloud-native eco-system via our app catalog

Full Lifecycle Management of Amazon EKS Clusters

Despite its popularity, Amazon EKS comes with a limited set of cluster lifecycle management features. The AWS Console is undoubtedly excellent, and, with the right knowledge, most life cycle management (LCM) requirements can be met with manual configuration or by leveraging 3rd party tools. By contrast, by using Rancher 2.5 as a control plane for your EKS estate, users have immediate access to the LCM capabilities already available to users of our popular on-prem distribution, RKE.

GitOps at Scale for Edge Clusters

Since the release of K3s in February 2019, users and customers have used it to deploy standalone Kubernetes clusters by the thousands to unattended, resource-constrained, remote locations at the edge, inside IoT appliances, or in dev/test environments. With this ever-increasing demand for scale, our engineering team has been developing a new architecture for multi-cluster management. By leveraging GitOps continuous deployment, we believe that Rancher 2.5 represents the next evolution of cluster management.

Hands-on with Rancher 2.5

Join Rancher Labs for the launch event celebrating the release of Rancher 2.5! The new features of Rancher focus on helping global enterprise organizations deliver Kubernetes at scale from core, to cloud, to edge.

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020
1:00-3:00pm ET

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A Detailed Overview of Rancher’s Architecture

This newly updated, in-depth guidebook provides a detailed overview of the features and functionality of Rancher 2.5.

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