Manage All of Your Clusters as One

Rancher introduces a centralized control plane that unified the management of every Kubernetes cluster in your organization. It solves operational challenges such as cluster provisioning, upgrades, user management, and enforcement of security policies.

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Kubernetes is the Cloud

First we virtualized the hardware. Then we put all the VMs into the cloud. Then we wrapped the software in containers and used Docker to deploy them. Soon after, we used Kubernetes to manage the complete lifecycle of a container. Each step along the way abstracted the complexity of the layers that came before it.

Rancher treats Kubernetes as a commodity: it matters less where the service comes from and more that it works. Kubernetes is the new Cloud, and Rancher empowers you to make the most of every provider, every type of infrastructure, and every cluster, all at once.

Launch Applications in Multiple Clusters

You already use Helm to safely package and deploy applications into your cluster. With the Rancher Application Catalog, you can extend Helm charts to simultaneously install and upgrade applications in multiple clusters.

If you’re exploring a multi-cloud or multi-provider solution, this feature gives you flexibility while also giving you confidence that your applications stay consistent.

With Rancher, you have the tools and confidence to start using multiple clusters today.

Balance Multi-Cluster Workloads with Global DNS

After you deploy your applications to multiple clusters, you’ll want a seamless way to send traffic to all of those endpoints. Rancher 2.2 introduces Global DNS for load balancing traffic across multiple clusters.

Simplify and
Cluster Activities

Cluster Deployments

Rancher deploys Kubernetes anywhere, on bare metal, public and private clouds, and hosted providers. It imports and manages existing clusters and wraps everything in a uniform, stable set of procedures, accessible via an intuitive user interface and a powerful API.

Cluster Security

Rancher provides centralized authentication, authorization, role-based access control (RBAC) templates, and PodSecurityPolicy (PSP) templates. When you plug Rancher into your backend authentication provider and use templates for configuration, you can deploy a complete Kubernetes cluster with full RBAC in minutes.

Cluster Management

Rancher includes log shipping and complete cluster metrics with Prometheus and Grafana. It also comes with with an integrated pipeline engine for continuous delivery and an engine for generating alerts when a cluster isn’t performing well. With complete visibility into everything from nodes to Pods to custom metrics from your applications, cluster management has never been easier.

Cluster Usage

Rancher acts as an authentication proxy for kubectl, so power users can get right to work. It also exposes a powerful API for programmatic control of every Rancher feature. Users who prefer a graphical interface will find the Rancher UI both intuitive and friendly, giving complete access to everything needed to deploy and manage Kubernetes workloads.

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