Rancher Makes Clusters Immediately Useful

Rancher lets you add services to operationalize your clusters immediately. It integrates with your favorite tools for alerts, notifications, and logging. You also get out of the box monitoring for all Rancher-managed clusters. And the inbuilt Grafana dashboard lets you visualize the monitoring data in a beautiful layout.

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Green Hill with Trees

Connect to Any
Logging Engine

Rancher integrates with ElasticSearch, Splunk, Kafka and Syslog to capture and analyze the state of your cluster. You can troubleshoot and debug your clusters by looking at the trends in the log stream - and because the logs are stored outside the cluster, you can still access them even if your cluster fails.

Green Hill with Trees

Generate and Monitor Detailed Metrics

Rancher gives you monitoring for all your clusters, projects, and Kubernetes components. Activate Prometheus monitoring and the Grafana dashboard with a click of a button. Get enhanced metrics for clusters, workloads, pods and containers. Rancher Advanced Monitoring, powered by Prometheus, is a great solution for tracking your most important cluster metrics quickly.

Move Toward Continuous Delivery with Integrated Pipelines

Rancher pipelines let you enable the CI/CD process for your projects. Using pipelines, you can automate a simplified application delivery process. Rancher pipelines come with three stages: build, publish, and deploy. For teams looking to avoid the complexity and effort required to build custom external pipelines, Rancher's pipelines offer a great solution.

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