Rancher Puts Your Security First

Security is at the heart of all Rancher features. From integrating with all the popular authentication tools and services, to an enterprise grade RBAC capability, Rancher makes your Kubernetes clusters even more secure.

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Use the Auth Providers You Already Have

Rancher gives you a centralized authentication for all your Kubernetes clusters and users. Your users can connect to any cluster with one set of credentials. Use the authentication service of your choice - from GitHub and OpenLDAP to Active Directory. With Rancher, you have a completely safe and custom way to manage access to your clusters.

Standardize Cluster RBAC With Templates

The Rancher UI lets you define roles and create users with different permissions. You can then reuse these roles and users across clusters of your choice.

With Rancher you can collect namespaces into Projects and then configure authorization at the Project level. This ensures consistency for all namespaces that a particular user or team needs to access.

Make All Clusters Multi-Tenant

Rancher brings multi-tenancy to Kubernetes by isolating the groups of users on the same cluster. Combined with PodSecurityPolicies and NetworkPolicies, the role-based access control (RBAC) in Rancher Projects gives you real multi-tenant clusters.

Delegate Cluster

Rancher lets you create and manage tens, or even hundreds of clusters on disparate infrastructure. Delegate cluster administration to other users using Rancher's RBAC capability.

Enforce Quotas Across the Cluster

Resource quotas keep your Kubernetes clusters manageable and secured from the so called “noisy neighbors”. The quota limits the resources like CPU, memory, Pods and more, that a namespace can use. Rancher takes this capability further. Using Projects, you can apply the same resource quota across many namespaces. With Rancher, you know you are in control of your resources even in a multi-tenant environment.

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