Supercharge Helm with the Application Catalog

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. When you bundle an application and its dependencies into a Helm chart, you give others a way to stand up applications quickly and reliably. When you bundle Helm charts under Rancher’s Application Catalog, you give users a visual way to configure the applications and a reliable way to upgrade them to future versions.

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Import and Deploy from any Helm Repository

Rancher ships with a curated list of Helm charts called the Library, as well as the option to enable the stable or incubator repositories directly from Helm. You can also add any public or private Helm repository, making those applications available for deployment within the cluster.

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Visually Install and Upgrade Applications

Rancher’s Application Catalog extends Helm and provides a visual form for configuring the chart. Users can select from dropdown lists and radio buttons, as well as provide free-form data. By presenting options and limiting the amount of configuration required from the user, you eliminate errors and increase productivity.

When a new version of the application is available, Rancher shows a badge on the application status page to indicate that it is ready for an upgrade. Selecting the badge walks the user through any changes to the configuration and then uses Helm to perform the upgrade. All upgrades happen with complete protection - users can roll back to a previous version if anything goes awry.

Secure and
Control What
Users Can Deploy

If you provide Kubernetes as a service for your customers or other business units, you may have internal applications that you make available to them. When you bundle these applications within the Rancher catalog, you control what versions are available for deployment, when upgrades happen, and how the Kubernetes cluster provisions the apps.

Through Rancher, you can make the power of Kubernetes available for anyone to use. Your team defines the resources for the application, and other teams deploy it.

Deploy and Maintain Applications on Multiple Clusters

Businesses are moving toward multi-cluster and edge installations, putting resources close to where they’re needed. The teams who maintain these clusters use Rancher to deploy and maintain their applications uniformly across all clusters. The result is a huge increase in reliability, and the recovery of hours of time.

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