Rancher 1.1 is Now Available!

Gray Calendar Icon Published: June 28, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

rancher 1.1
github View the Rancher 1.1.0 release notes on GitHub After a very exciting DockerCon last week where the bulk of the engineering team was able to see all the latest and greatest innovations surrounding the Docker ecosystem, our team was able to squash the remaining issues for our Rancher 1.1 stable release. If you have been following our dev builds, we have been shipping tech preview features with each release for our open source community members who want to play with the latest Rancher has to offer. With 1.1.0, most of those features are now in a stable state to be used in production. Some highlights include:

  • Docker 1.11.x Support:[ It has always been our intention to support the latest Docker Engine as soon as it is released but 1.11.x support was a much larger effort to add to a patch release for 1.0.x. As Docker prepares for 1.12, we hope to quickly add it to a subsequent Rancher 1.2.x release. Look for it soon!]
  • Mesos Support:[ Rancher users can now choose Mesos as a container orchestration framework when creating environments. Similar to our support for Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, users can expect Rancher to manage the Mesos engine, the underlying infrastructure, user access control, and the catalog of frameworks that can be deployed on top of Mesos. ]
  • More Kubernetes Features:[ We love Kubernetes as a container orchestration framework and have added additional features that were missing when we originally launched it in our 1.0.0 release. These include support for persistence storage to EBS and GCE, private registries, ingress controllers, and self-signed SSL support so plugins such as a Deis, dashboard, heapster, and pod scaling will now work. In addition, with 1.1.0, Rancher can now upgrade kubernetes within each environment with a click of a button. ]
  • [Machine Catalog:][ We have now “catalog-ized” our Docker Machine integration by leveraging our existing catalog framework. Users can now add new Docker Machine drivers with any custom UI and make them available to all Rancher users via our public catalog or publish it to their own private catalogs.]

[Please head to 1.1.0 release for more detailed notes, or join us for our next free online training to learn how to run Rancher.]

[Release Builds]

[When we released 1.0.0 GA, we wanted to continue to ship our open source releases in our bi-weekly releases so users can play with the latest Rancher has to offer. Our current model of having dev builds were causing some confusion with users that wanted to run Rancher in production. With your feedback, we are making a few changes to how our release builds work.] [For stable builds, in addition to tagging rancher/server:stable, we will also packaged it as their own Docker image called rancher/enterprise. If you are running Rancher in production, it is highly recommended you use or upgrade to this build.] [Our current dev builds will continue to be shipped as rancher/server with a small change to the tagging to -preX rather than -devX to denote a pre-release build for the upcoming stable build. As usual, our pre-release builds will go through our normal validation tests and QA cycles to ensure no regressions but will include the newest features we’ve developed as tech previews. For example, after 1.1.0 ships, the next pre-release build will be v1.2.0-pre1.]

[Rancher Project Planning]

As we move to Rancher 1.2.0 and beyond, we want to be more transparent to our open source community by providing a look into what we tentatively plan to add with each major release. We have created a new Rancher Project Planning page to address this.

[Docker 1.12 with built-in orchestration]

[Sheng’s blog][ already details how committed we are to supporting multiple frameworks. With the recent announcement of Docker 1.12 and its ][built-in orchestration][, our engineering team is already at work incorporating it as another container orchestration framework. As Docker 1.12.0 is currently shipped as a release candidate, please look for a tech preview in our next pre-release build of Rancher 1.2.0 once it has been officially released. ]

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