Rancher Adds Support for Private Docker Registries

Gray Calendar Icon Published: March 31, 2015
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

When we shipped Rancher 0.12 last week we added one of the more frequently requested features, support for private Docker registries. Rancher had always allowed users to provision containers from DockerHub, but many organizations run their own registries, or use private hosted registries such as Quay.io, and private DockerHub accounts. Beginning with this release, users will be able to connect their private registry directly to their Rancher environment, and deploy containers from private Docker images. To use this new feature navigate to the new \“Registries\” tab on your Rancher instance. You’ll see that you now have the option to \“Add a Privae Registry,\” then fill out the form, add your credentials and you are done. Credentials aren’t required unless the registry or images you want to use require a password. Add
Private Docker
Registry Once you’ve set up your private registry, you’ll be able to launch containers from images hosted in your private registry from the launch container workflow. You can access your private registry by clicking on the \“docker\” image, and selecting the name of your private registry. From that point, simply provide the name of your Docker image on the private registry and continue the provisioning process. provision
from private
registry The video below gives a more complete explanation of how to register a private registry and credentials within Rancher. Hope you enjoy the new feature. If you would like to set up some time to talk with us about getting started with Rancher, please request a demonstration.

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