Rancher Events in December

Gray Calendar Icon Published: December 6, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

rancher-logo\_stacked-full-colorWe’re winding down for the year, but you’ll still be able to check out Rancherin a few places, live and in real-time. We always look forward to meeting users whenever we can, and hearing from you only helps make us better.

Meetups and Talks

Dec 3, Montreal, CN: Architecting Distributed Applications Across Datacenters and Clouds. Join us as we discuss popular orchestrators, and strategies for operationalizing distributed applications across diverse infrastructure.

Dec 8, Tokyo, JPN: Rancher Meetup #2. Our second meetup in Tokyo showcases real-life use cases from local users, and a quick overview of the latest features from Rancher 1.2.

Dec 8, Online: Rancher Training. A hands-on overview of how to setup a Rancher deployment (you can always check this out at rancher.com/training).

Dec 14, Online Meetup: Deep Dive on Rancher 1.2This month, we shipped the latest version of Rancher, which brings in a massive set of improvements. See the newest support for container storage and networking, and how we wrap them into templates for container-ready environments.

Dec 20, Lyon, FR: Introduction to Rancher. Rachid Zarouali will be providing an introduction to the Rancher container management platform at the Lyon Docker meetup, along with a short overview of adjacent technologies like Prometheus and Grafana.

Don’t see anything in your area? Let us know where we can meet you. Are you talking about Rancher in your town? Let us know @Rancher_Labs, and we’ll give you a shout out!

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