Rancher Events in November: Meetups, In-Person Training, and More!

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
Gray Calendar Icon Published: November 1, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

We’ve been really fortunate at Rancher to have an enthusiastic community of users around the world, and we always looking forward to seeing and meeting our users in person. Here’s a few places Rancher will be in November. Please come say hi (and by the way, you can always keep track of where we’re headed at rancher.com/events)! Don’t see anything in your area?

Let us know where we can meet you.

Meetups and Talks

You can see us around the world this month, as we discuss all the challenges of managing containers in the enterprise:


Nov 3 Cloud Expo Santa Clara (SF Bay Area) Rancher CEO Sheng Liang will keynote, discussing how containers are influencing the future of cloud computing

Nov 3 ContainerDays NYC (New York, NY) Co-founder Shannon Williams and Rancher Automation Engineer Nathan Valentine cover the real-life considerations and trade-offs associated with using containers in production

Nov 8 KubeCon 2016 (Seattle, WA) Principal engineer Alena Prokharchyk and Brian Scott of the Walt Disney Company discuss standardizing Kubernetes deployments across diverse infrastructure

Nov 14 Meetup: Kubernetes Toronto (Canada) with CloudOps Chris Sexsmith of Rancher Labs provides insight on moving your application into Kubernetes and into production...

Nov 15 Meetup: Kubernetes Ottawa (Canada) with CloudOps ...then we’re bringing the Kubernetes party to Ottawa

Nov 16 Meetup: Kubernetes NYC (New York, NY) Shannon Williams shares how users are using the Rancher container management platform to build their own private container service

Nov 18 DevOps Days Brasilia (Brasilia, BR) with BRCloud We’re pleased to cosponsor this event, which includes tutorials and workshops on using Rancher and Docker containers in production!


Nov 3 DevOps Manchester UK Technical Lead Chris Urwin of Rancher Labs will discuss the adoption of a container strategy, where to start, the gotchas to avoid, and the overall benefits it can bring.

Nov 17 Connect 1.4 with Infinity Works (Leeds, UK) Chris Urwin covers how DevOps, Docker containers, and the enterprise all come together in the enterprise


Nov 4 DevOps Days India with **infraCloud.io (Bangalore) Vishal Biyani, of Rancher Partner Network company infraCloud will present his talk, \“Making Kubernetes Simple with Rancher.\”

Nov 18 MesosCon Asia (Hangzhou) We’re sponsoring the greatest gathering of Mesos technologists in Asia, and can’t wait to meet you there!

In-person Training

Want to learn more about Rancher and containers than we can cover in our online monthly training?

We’re hosting hands-on, in-person, in-depth training sessions that include everything you need to know about using Rancher and containers in production.

Our first in-person training will be Nov 15-16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

We’ll also be holding another session later this year in Phoenix, Arizona. Sign up here to learn more and claim your spot!

Can’t make the listed events, but still want to see us? There’s always our online meetups (at rancher.com/meetup). Or, you can let us know where we should go next!

Giving your own talk on using Rancher? DM us @Rancher_Labs, and let us know how we can support you!

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
Senior Manager, Engineering
Alena is a Principal Software Engineer at Rancher Labs, who’s been working on building infrastructure services first for Virtual Machines, now for containers with main focus on Kubernetes. She enjoys helping others make sense of problems and explore solutions together. In her free time Alena enjoys rollerblading, reading books on totally random subjects and listening to other people’s stories.
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