Rancher Labs and NeuVector Partner to Deliver Management and Security for Containers

Gray Calendar Icon Published: March 21, 2017
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: January 26, 2021

DevOps can now efficiently and securely deploy containers for enterprise applications

As more enterprises move to a container-based application deployment model, DevOps teams are discovering the need for management and orchestration tools to automate container deployments. At the same time, production deployments of containers for business critical applications require specialized container-intelligent security tools.

To address this, Rancher Labs and NeuVector today announced that they have partnered to make container security as easy to deploy as application containers. You can now easily deploy the NeuVector container network security solution with the Rancher container management platform. The first and only container network security solution in the Rancher application catalog, the addition of NeuVector provides simple deployment of the NeuVector containers into an enterprise container environment. NeuVector secures containers where they have been most vulnerable: in production environments where they are constantly being deployed, updated, moved, and scaled across hosts and data centers. With constant behavioral learning automatically applied to security policies for containers, the NeuVector container network security solution delivers multi-layered protection for containers and their hosts. Protection includes violation and threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and privilege escalation detection for hosts and containers. With one click in the Rancher console, users can choose to deploy the NeuVector containers. Sample configuration files are provided, and minimal setup is required before deployment. Once the NeuVector containers are deployed, they instantly discover running containers and automatically build a whitelist based policy to protect them. Like Rancher, NeuVector supports cross host, data center, and cloud deployments, relieving DevOps teams of error-prone manual configurations for mixed environments. Deploy the NeuVector security containers with a click of a button. View the demo. In addition to production use, NeuVector is also valuable for debugging of application connections during testing, and can be used after violations are detected for forensic investigation. A convenient network packet capture tool assists with investigations during test, production, and incident management. Henrik Rosendahl is Head of Business Development for NeuVector. He is a serial enterprise software entrepreneur and was the co-founder of CloudVolumes – named one of Five Strategic Acquisitions That Reshaped VMware by Forbes. He is a frequent speaker at VMworld, SNW, CloudExpo, and InterOp.

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