A simplified Linux distribution built from containers, for containers

Fast, ultra-lightweight container OS

RancherOS makes it simple to run containers at scale in development, test and production. By containerizing system services and leveraging Docker for management, the operating system provides a very reliable and easy to manage container-ready environment.

System services are defined by Docker Compose and automatically configured using cloud-init, reducing administrative burden. Unneeded libraries and services are eliminated, resulting in a significantly reduced footprint and minimizing the hassle of updating, patching and maintaining a container host operating system.

  • Simplify your container environment
  • Boot containers in seconds
  • Decrease OS footprint by 3X or more
  • Automate OS configuration with cloud-init

Minimalist OS

Eliminates unnecessary libraries and services, reducing complexity and boot time

Integrated system services

Uses Compose file format to define and deploy system services

Automated OS configuration

Simplifies OS configuration by using cloud-init to parse the cloud-config file

Current version of Docker and Linux

Reduces the hassle of updating, patching, and maintaining host OS

24x7 enterprise-grade support

Ensures you have access to support from Rancher Labs engineers when you need it

It's easy to get started!

  1. Download

    Everything in RancherOS is a container managed by Docker. It includes only the bare minimum amount of software needed to run Docker. Everything else can be pulled dynamically through Docker. Download RancherOS

  2. Get started

    Follow our quick start guide and get started with RancherOS. View the guide

  3. Use the docs

    Here's a wealth of information in the technical documents in case you need it. Read the docs

  4. Use Rancher with RancherOS

    RancherOS can be used to launch Rancher and be used as the OS to add hosts to Rancher. Learn how

  5. Take advantage of the forums

    The forums are the best place to hear about the latest product releases as well as interact with your peers and Rancher engineers. Visit the forums

  6. Get support

    Our expert engineers are here to help. Request support

  7. Contribute

    We welcome input and contributions to this open source project. Contribute