The most complete container management platform.

Relax. This container thing is actually pretty easy.

Containers make software development easier, enabling you to write code faster and run it better. However, running containers in production can be hard.

Rancher is a complete container management platform that makes it easy to deploy and run containers in production on any infrastructure.

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  • Quickly deploy containers in production leveraging the most complete set of container orchestration and infrastructure management capabilities
  • Automate container deployment and operations with a robust, fully supported Kubernetes distribution.
  • Innovate with containers without compromising flexibility by empowering developers with fast access to the latest tools

Ready for a test drive?

Try Rancher for free, using the Rancher sandbox. Just sign in with GitHub, and add your private or public hosts to get started.

Supercharge your CI/CD pipeline

This hands-on guide provides a detailed overview of how to integrate containers into your build, test and deployment processes.

Personalized Demo

Running containers in production can be hard. Find out how Rancher makes it easy with a live demo with one of our engineers.

Modular infrastructure services

Run the same infrastructure services on any Linux hosts on any cluster, whether on premises or in the cloud.

Rich set of orchestration tools

Within five minutes, you can have a complete container deployment ready for action.

An app catalog you'll actually use

Easily manage applications and repeatedly deploy an entire multi-container clustered application.

Role based access control

Enable users and groups to share or restrict access to development and production environments

High availability

Quickly deploy a fully distributed set of services for high availability with a single command.

24x7 enterprise-grade support

Deploy Docker and Rancher in production at any scale with confidence.

Case Study

Alertacall build ingenious contact technology, using Rancher to manage containers across sites and push new features faster.

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It's easy to get started!

  1. Try it out

    You can now try Rancher using the Rancher sandbox. It's publicly hosted and always up to date. Try Rancher

  2. Get started

    Deploying Rancher takes less than 5 minutes if you follow the steps in the quick start guide.

    View the 1.6 guide View the 2.0 guide

  3. Install

    Rancher is deployed as a Docker container, and can be launched on any server or virtual machine running Docker. Download Rancher

  4. Get trained

    Want a crash course in using Rancher? Join us for our free online Rancher training courses. Register

  5. Use the docs

    Rancher is incrediby easy to use. However, there's a wealth of information in the technical documents in case you need it. Read the docs

  6. Take advantage of our awesome community of users

    The forums are the best place to hear about the latest product releases as well as interact with your peers and Rancher engineers. Visit the forums

  7. Support

    Containers can be confusing. We're here to help. Read more