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The Rancher container management platform has become an increasingly popular way to manage containers—it's being used to run tens of thousands of clusters. With Kubernetes becoming the fastest developing technology in the container ecosystem, we saw an opportunity. And rebuilt Rancher on Kubernetes. Rancher 2.0 provides the same great user experience on all Kubernetes clusters, whether they are managed using Rancher or existing Kubernetes clusters. The result? It’s now even easier for you to adopt Kubernetes and run containers.

Rancher 2.0: enterprise-grade container management platform

The rich feature set of Rancher 2.0 creates numerous pluses for developers and IT professionals: simplify security policy management, ensure super high availability, and reduce costs in your ci/cd pipeline.

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IT Policy

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Security Policies

Quickest way to deploy Kubernetes clusters

As soon as you start the Rancher 2.0 server, the Kubernetes master is up and running. You can then use the same Kubernetes master to quickly create additional Kubernetes clusters. This greatly reduces the amount of resources required to operate Kubernetes clusters.

Manage any existing clusters

With more and more cloud providers offering Kubernetes clusters as a service, you no longer need to create your own clusters. Rancher 2.0 enables you to manage existing Kubernetes clusters from cloud service providers like Google Container Engine (GKE) as well as those already running on premises.

An intuitive user experience

All you need to start using Rancher is to understand the basic concepts of containers. You can quickly be productive using Docker command line or Compose templates. As you become more comfortable with Kubernetes concepts, you access to full kubectl command line and the Kubernetes dashboard.

Central IT visibility and control

Rancher 2.0 provides IT administrators with centralized authentication, access control, monitoring, health checks, and other means to gain visibility into and control of your Kubernetes clusters. By leveraging the sophisticated role based access control (RBAC) capabilities in Kubernetes, Rancher provides shared cluster and host access to users.

Rich application catalog

Rancher catalog includes more than 100 community contributed as well as Rancher certified Docker Compose application templates. With Rancher 2.0, we’ve extended the catalog to support Kubernetes templates and Helm charts, providing users access to even more containerized applications.

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World-class Kubernetes support

Enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support provides the confidence you need to deploy Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher in production at any scale. Tightly defined SLAs and around the clock support options ensure you get the help you need from Rancher Labs experts, when you need it.


Expert support for Rancher and Kubernetes

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Get started with Rancher 2.0 following these two easy steps

Step 1: Prepare a Linux Host

Rancher requires a single host installed with Ubuntu 16.04 as well as at least 4GB of memory. and the latest stable version of Docker.

Step 2: Start the server

To install and run Rancher server, execute the following Docker command on your host:

$ sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 rancher/server:preview

It takes less than a minute for the Rancher server to start up. The Rancher user interface can be accessed at https://<server_ip>. Once Rancher has successfully been installed, the user interface will guide you through adding your first cluster.

Learn more by heading to the Getting Started Guide

"As the leading live streaming service, Sling TV requires a platform that can scale quickly to meet the massive swings in network demand for our customers. With Rancher 2.0, the full Rancher experience now extends to Kubernetes, allowing us to easily leverage new Kubernetes features and the Kubernetes ecosystem to enable our Cloud Native Initiatives. Using Rancher 2.0 increases our efficiency and provides our engineering teams with more time to focus on creating the next great innovations that will help Sling TV build upon its leadership position.”

Brad Linder, Cloud Native and Big Data Evangelist, Sling TV

Rancher Ecosystem

The Rancher container management platform has a lot of awesome technology partners. These include both product companies and open source projects that have integrated their features, functionality, and applications with the Rancher platform. The public catalog delivers more than 100 popular applications contributed by our partners as well as our fantastic user community.

"We are thrilled to work with Rancher on their 2.0 release, which greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernentes. With Anchore's integration with Kubernetes, provided by Rancher, users can confidently deploy cloud native workloads that are certified for security and operational practices with policies defined by their users."

Said Ziouani, CEO, Anchore

"Containers should be portable across clouds and stacks. By partnering with Rancher, we can help customers operating in heterogeneous environments gain cross-platform container management, orchestration, and security."

Upesh Patel, Vice President of Business Development, Aqua Security.

"With Canonical’s experience deploying Kubernetes on Ubuntu in the enterprise, we see first-hand the tremendous opportunity for Rancher 2.0 to solve container management at scale. We’re delighted to partner with Rancher Labs in combining Rancher, Kubernetes, and Ubuntu into an open application development platform for the agile, cloud native developer."

Dustin Kirkland, VP of Product Development at Canonical

"Dell Technologies and Rancher Labs share a common vision of innovation and driving adoption of container technologies with enterprise customers. Through tools like REX-Ray (developed by {code}, Dell Technologies’ Open Source organization) designed to provide persistent storage across container technology, Dell Technologies is addressing emerging customer challenges by providing solutions that maximize datacenter efficiencies. Rancher Labs and Dell Technologies are also aligned around our embrace of Kubernetes and its robust ecosystem. Rancher’s 2.0 release provides a compelling aggregation point for multiple Kubernetes deployments."

Josh Bernstein, Vice President of Technology, Dell Technologies

"We see increasing demand for time series platforms driven by the movement to containerization and virtualization. We are excited to partner with Rancher in addressing our joint customer needs for monitoring, visibility and control as they build their applications on Kubernetes."

Evan Kaplan, CEO, InfluxData

"Rancher 2.0 means that customers have choice in deploying and managing containers.At JFrog, we know our customers want us to stay on the cutting edge of containerization and DevOps technology and we see that our integration and innovation with Rancher will continue to grow."

Kit Merker, VP Business Development, JFrog.


During our monthly online meetup, we did a deep dive into the new Rancher 2.0 features and Chief Architect, Darren Shepherd, gave a live demo.

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