RancherOS Now Works Natively with Packet

Gray Calendar Icon Published: November 3, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

rancherpacketWe’re excited to announce that RancherOS is now available as a first-class operating system on Packet for all instance types. Packet is a bare metal cloud that combines the speed of physical hardware with the flexibility and ease of use of virtualized infrastructure. We’ve always been fans of Packet and we make use of it internally quite often. In fact, we’ve recently decided to move our entire CI/CD pipeline over to Packet instances. Prior to native RancherOS support, we’ve been running it internally by booting another operating system and then running a custom installation script. Even with this overhead we’ve had an excellent experience with Packet. After adding support for automated RAID installs and integrating with Packet’s provisioning system, we were able to create an official installation process and move away from our custom script. The first version of RancherOS available on Packet is v0.7.0. This release brings many exciting features such as the ability to dynamically choose the Docker engine version via a cloud-config parameter and the ability to easily customize Docker daemon settings. In addition to these new features, RancherOS brings all of its traditional features to the table, such as being an order of magnitude smaller than other operating systems available on Packet. We’d like to thank Andrew Hodges and the rest of the Packet crew for all of their help throughout this process.

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