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Announcing Rancher 2.0 Tech Preview 2

January 24, 2018

Today we released the second tech preview of Rancher 2.0, our next major Rancher product release. We’ve been hard at work since the last tech preview release in September 2017, driven by the overwhelmingly positive response to our Rancher 2.0 vision and a great deal of feedback we have received.

The Tech Preview 2 release contains many significant changes and enhancements:

1. Rancher server is now 100% written in Go and no longer requires a MySQL database.
2. You can deploy Rancher server on any Docker host as before, or you can deploy Rancher server on an existing Kubernetes cluster.
3. You can create new Kubernetes clusters using Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) or cloud-managed Kubernetes services such as GKE. Rancher automates both RKE and GKE cluster provisioning. Support for additional cloud-managed Kubernetes services such as EKS and AKS will be added in the future.
4. You can manage all your Kubernetes clusters from a unified cluster management interface. Rancher implements centralized authentication and authorization across all Kubernetes clusters, regardless where these Kubernetes clusters are hosted.
5. Rancher provides a simple workload management interface across all your Kubernetes clusters. This is still a work in progress. We continue to offer an intuitive Rancher 1.0-style container-centric interface. We are working on adding many advanced workload management features such as the app catalog, CI/CD and monitoring integration, sophisticated stats, and centralized logging.

If you are interested in more technical details, take a look at the updated Rancher 2.0 Architecture Document, The Quick Start Guide, and the Technical Release 2 page on Github.

Also, enjoy the recording of the online meetup where we gave a live demo.

Again, Rancher 2.0 is a work-in-progress. We’ll be rolling out new features in the coming days and weeks as we get ready for our Beta release next month. You can register here to be part of the Beta User Community.

Canonical Announces Cloud Native Platform, Powered by Rancher

December 5, 2017

Partnership Combines Rancher 2.0 with Canonical Kubernetes and Leading Cloud OS, Ubuntu

Today, we joined Canonical in announcing the Canonical Cloud Native Platform, a new offering that provides complete support and management for Kubernetes in the Enterprise.  The Cloud Native Platform combines Rancher 2.0 container management software with Canonical Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kubernetes, and will be available when Rancher 2.0 launches next spring. Read more

Checking Out Rancher 2.0 with Kops AWS Clusters

October 27, 2017

One of the hallmark features of Rancher 2.0 is its ability to consume Kubernetes clusters from anywhere. In this post, I’m going to walk you through using the popular kops tool to create and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS and then bring them under Rancher 2.0 management. This walkthrough will help you create a non-HA Kubernetes cluster, though kops does support HA configurations. With this new cluster, we will run the Rancher 2.0 tech preview in a pod with a persistent volume claim. Read more

Two Dot Awesome

October 25, 2017

Rancher 2.0 is coming, and it’s amazing.

In the Beginning…

When Rancher released 1.0 in early 2016, the container landscape looked completely different. Kubernetes wasn’t the powerhouse that it is today. Swarm and Mesos satisfied specific use cases, and the bulk of the community still used Docker and Docker Compose with tools like Ansible, Puppet, or Chef. It was still BYOLB (bring your own load balancer), and volume management was another manual nightmare. Read more

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