Building a CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes using Auto Devops, Rancher, and Gitlab

This blog coincides with the Rancher Labs Online Meetup August 2018 covering Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). This topic is becoming increasingly important in a world where services are getting small, with frequent updates. It allows for companies to completely automate the building, testing and deployment of code to ensure that it is done in a consistent, repeatable way. There are several different CI/CD tools available and there are a bunch of them that will integrate with Kubernetes natively. Read More…

Chris Urwin
Chris Urwin
event August 7, 2018
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

CRDs and Custom Kubernetes Controllers in Rancher 2.0

Rancher 2.0 is often said to be an enterprise grade management platform for Kubernetes, 100% built on Kubernetes. But what does that really mean? This article will answer that question by giving an overview of Rancher management plane architecture, and explain how API resources are stored, represented and controlled utilizing Kubernetes primitives like CustomResourceDefinition(CRD) and custom controllers. Rancher API Server While building Rancher 2.0, we went over several iterations till we set on the current docker architecture - in which the Rancher API server is built on top of an embedded Kubernetes API server and etcd database. Read More…

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
event July 9, 2018
timer Read Time: 7 minutes


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