What is a CaaS? Containers as a Service, Defined

When public clouds first began gaining popularity, it seemed that providers were quick to append the phrase “as a service” to everything imaginable, as a way of indicating that a given application, service, or infrastructure component was designed to run in the cloud. It should therefore come as no surprise that Container as a Service, or CaaS, refers to a cloud-based container environment. But there is a bit more to the CaaS story than this.

event October 17, 2017
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Building Your Personal Cloud: Rancher on DigitalOcean Cloud Infrastructure

I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life—that’s for your doctor to do. What I am gonna tell you is how a beautifully poetic dynamic duo of DevOps delightfulness can make your next project shine brighter than the sun and give you more marketable skills. We live in a world where everything is becoming more modular. From your phone to your Keurig coffee maker to your USB type-C laptop setup, modularity allows you to do more and rearrange components of your life to best suit your needs.

Eric Volpert
Eric Volpert
event October 12, 2017
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New Machine Driver from!

One of the great benefits of the Rancher container management platform is that it runs on any infrastructure. While it’s possible to add any Linux machine as a host using our custom setup option, using one of the machine drivers in Rancher makes it especially easy to add and manage your infrastructure. Today, we’re pleased to have a new machine driver available in Rancher, from our friends at is a regional cloud IaaS for Canadian or foreign businesses requiring that all or some of their data remain in Canada, for reasons of compliance, performance, privacy or cost.

event May 24, 2017
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Using Containers for a More Cost-Effective Cloud | Rancher Labs

Discover how using containers can optimize cloud costs. Our self-contained models give you everything you need to run containers in production, on any platform.

event May 22, 2017
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Running Serverless Applications on Rancher

One of the more novel concepts in systems design lately has been the notion of serverless architectures. It is no doubt a bit of hyperbole as there are certainly servers involved, but it does mean we get to think about servers differently. The potential upside of serverless Imagine a simple web based application that handles requests from HTTP clients. Instead of having some number of program runtimes waiting for a request to arrive, then invoking a function to handle them, what if we could start the runtime on-demand for each function as a needed and throw it away afterwards?

event May 11, 2017
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DevOps and Containers, On-Prem or in the Cloud

The cloud vs. on-premises debate is an old one. It goes back to the days when the cloud was new and people were trying to decide whether to keep workloads in on-premises datacenters or migrate to cloud hosts. But the Docker revolution has introduced a new dimension to the debate. As more and more organizations adopt containers, they are now asking themselves whether the best place to host containers is on-premises or in the cloud.

Michael Churchman
Michael Churchman
event March 14, 2017
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RancherOS Now Works Natively with Packet

We’re excited to announce that RancherOS is now available as a first-class operating system on Packet for all instance types. Packet is a bare metal cloud that combines the speed of physical hardware with the flexibility and ease of use of virtualized infrastructure. We’ve always been fans of Packet and we make use of it internally quite often. In fact, we’ve recently decided to move our entire CI/CD pipeline over to Packet instances.

event November 3, 2016
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Optimizing Applications and Infrastructure with Atlantis Computing and Rancher

Yesterday, Atlantis Computing announced a new converged platform for managing infrastructure and containers, which combines Rancher with their award-winning USX software-defined storage solution. This turnkey solution will make it easier for IT organizations to deliver containers as a service to their developers with enterprise-grade storage, without losing sight of the very real, bottom-line benefits that come from optimizing virtualized infrastructure. This solution will be available as a tech preview in early November.

event October 26, 2016
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A Day in the Life of a Packet Inside Rancher

[Rancher is a complete container management solution, and to be a complete platform, we’ve placed careful consideration into how we handle networking between containers on our platform. So today, we’re posting a quick example to illustrate how networking in Rancher works. While Rancher can be deployed on a single node, or scaled to thousands of nodes, in this walkthrough, we’ll use just a handful of hosts and containers.] Setting up and Launching a Containerized Application [Our first task is to set up our infrastructure, and for this exercise, we’ll use AWS.

event July 28, 2016
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Rancher 1.1 is Now Available!

View the Rancher 1.1.0 release notes on GitHub After a very exciting DockerCon last week where the bulk of the engineering team was able to see all the latest and greatest innovations surrounding the Docker ecosystem, our team was able to squash the remaining issues for our Rancher 1.1 stable release. If you have been following our dev builds, we have been shipping tech preview features with each release for our open source community members who want to play with the latest Rancher has to offer.

event June 28, 2016
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