June 28, 2016
Read time: 4 min

A few months back, we launched a new feature at Rancher aptly named Rancher Catalog and subsequently Community Catalog. This feature had been brewing in the minds of quite a few people around the office, so by the time it was placed on my plate it was highly anticipated by the team. The concept on a whole is not unfamiliar to the majority of our users: a single page through which users can search for commonly deployed applications, with sane defaults and a repeatable launch process.

November 11, 2015
Read time: 4 min

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is one of the greatest innovations in the modern data center. I have been a big fan ever since I heard the analogy “iPhone for the data center“ from Nutanix, the company who invented hyper-converged infrastructure. In my previous roles as CEO of, creator of CloudStack, and CTO of Citrix’s CloudPlatform Group, I helped many organizations transform their data centers into infrastructure clouds. The biggest challenge was always how to integrate a variety of technologies from multiple vendors into a coherent and reliable cloud platform.

March 25, 2015
Read time: 3 min

This week we released Rancher 0.12, which adds support for provisioning hosts using Docker Machine. We’re really excited to get this feature out, because it makes launching Rancher-enabled Docker hosts easier than ever. If you’re not familiar with Docker Machine, it is a project that allows cloud providers to develop standard \“drivers\” for provisioning cloud infrastructure on the fly. You can learn more about it on the Docker website. The first cloud we’re supporting with Docker Machine is Digital Ocean.

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