Continuous Delivery of Everything with Rancher, Drone, and Terraform

It’s 8:00 PM. I just deployed to production, but nothing’s working. Oh, wait. the production Kinesis stream doesn’t exist, because the CloudFormation template for production wasn’t updated. Okay, fix that. 9:00 PM. Redeploy. Still broken. Oh, wait. The production config file wasn’t updated to use the new database. Okay, fix that. Finally, it works, and it’s time to go home. Ever been there? How about the late night when your provisioning scripts work for updating existing servers, but not for creating a brand new environment?

event August 16, 2017
timer Read Time: 6 minutes

Winning Hackathons, DevOps-Style!

Recently, I moved to New York City. As a new resident, I decided to take part in the NYC DeveloperWeek hackathon, where our team won the NetApp challenge. In this post, I’ll walk through the product we put together, and share how we built a CI/CD pipeline for quick, iterative product development under tight constraints. The Problem: Have you ever lived or worked in a building where it’s a pain to configure the buzzer to forward to multiple roommates or coworkers?

event August 3, 2017
timer Read Time: 4 minutes

Setting up Traefik as a Load-Balancer and Dynamically-Configured Proxy

When deploying applications in the container world, one of the less obvious points is how to make the application available to the external world, outside of the container cluster. One option is to use the host port, which basically maps one port of the host to the container port where the application is exposed. While this option is fine for local development, it is not viable in a real cluster with many applications deployed.

event July 12, 2017
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Rancher 1.6 - EBS Support, Secrets, and CLI Enhancements

We’ve just released Rancher v1.6, the latest version of our container management platform. While we still recommend that production or mission-critical deployments use our most recent stable release, we’re excited to share what’s new in v1.6. In this release, we’ve built greater control for our users over their storage and secrets. Validating EBS Support We first implemented support for EBS before Rancher itself was even generally available, but in v1.

event May 4, 2017
timer Read Time: 2 minutes

Rancher and the Moby Project

This week, the Moby Project was introduced with the idea of componentizing Docker into a series of assemblies. At DockerCon, a neat demo was done using the moby tool to assemble various components into customized Linux operating system images. While very cool, this seemed to have confused people – we’d like to provide some more background and explanation about the Moby Project and how it affects Rancher, RancherOS, and our users.

event April 21, 2017
timer Read Time: 3 minutes

Happy New Year from Rancher Labs!

As we start a new year, I’d like to thank the Rancher community for a great 2016. 2016 was an awesome year for Rancher Labs, and we’ve been fortunate to have a deeply engaged community of open source users and developers, customers, and partners. In March, [we shipped our 1.0 GA release], and since then Rancher has established itself as a leading product in the container ecosystem. 2016 was especially rewarding because of the tremendous amount of support we received from our users and customers.

event January 1, 2017
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Rancher Events in December

We’re winding down for the year, but you’ll still be able to check out Rancherin a few places, live and in real-time. We always look forward to meeting users whenever we can, and hearing from you only helps make us better. Meetups and Talks Dec 3, Montreal, CN: Architecting Distributed Applications Across Datacenters and Clouds. Join us as we discuss popular orchestrators, and strategies for operationalizing distributed applications across diverse infrastructure.

event December 6, 2016
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Rancher Events in November: Meetups, In-Person Training, and More!

We’ve been really fortunate at Rancher to have an enthusiastic community of users around the world, and we always looking forward to seeing and meeting our users in person. Here’s a few places Rancher will be in November. Please come say hi (and by the way, you can always keep track of where we’re headed at! Don’t see anything in your area? Let us know where we can meet you.

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
event November 1, 2016
timer Read Time: 3 minutes

How Microservices, Containers, and Open Source Contributions Have Shaped Rancher (So Far)

Rancher Labs has been developing open source projects for about two years now. We have a ton of GitHub repositories under our hood, and our number keeps growing. The number of external contributions to our projects keeps growing, too; Rancher has become more well-known over the past year, and structural changes to our code base have made it easier to contribute. So what are these structural changes? I would highlight 3 major ones:

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
event June 16, 2016
timer Read Time: 5 minutes


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