Comparing 10 Docker Container Monitoring Solutions for Rancher

Container monitoring environments come in all shapes and sizes. Some are open source while others are commercial. Some are available in the Rancher Catalog while others require manual configuration. Some are general purpose while others are aimed specifically at container environments. Some are hosted in the cloud while others require installation on own cluster hosts. In this post, we take an updated look at 10 container monitoring solutions. This effort builds on earlier work including Ismail Usman’s Comparing 7 Monitoring Options for Docker from 2015 and The Great Container Monitoring Bake Off Meetup in October of 2016. Read More…

Gord Sissons
Gord Sissons
event October 23, 2017
timer Read Time: 18 minutes

Containers vs. Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is a hot topic right now—perhaps even hotter than Docker containers. Is that because serverless computing is a replacement for containers? Or is it just another popular technology that can be used alongside containers? In this post, we will take a look at what you need to know about serverless computing and how it should figure into your IT strategy. Serverless Is Not Computing Without Servers First, let’s clear up one point. Read More…

Michael Churchman
Michael Churchman
event October 9, 2017
timer Read Time: 8 minutes

Comparing Docker Swarm and Kubernetes

For teams building and deploying containerized applications using Docker, selecting the right orchestration engine can be a challenge. The decision affects not only deployment and management, but how applications are architected as well. DevOps teams need to think about details like how data is persisted, how containerized services communicate with one another, load balancing, service discovery, packaging and more. It turns out that the choice of orchestration engine is critical to all these areas. Read More…

event August 7, 2017
timer Read Time: 4 minutes

Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm: Comparing the Rancher Orchestration Engine Options

Note: You can find an updated comparison of Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm in a recent blog post here. Recent versions of Rancher have added support for several common orchestration engines in addition to the standard Cattle. The three newly supported engines, Swarm (soon to be Docker Native Orchestration), Kubernetes and Mesos are the most widely used orchestration systems in the Docker community and provide a gradient of usability versus feature sets. Read More…

event October 20, 2016
timer Read Time: 18 minutes

Understanding Cattle, Swarm and Kubernetes in Rancher

*Note: Since publishing this post, we’ve created a guide comparing Kubernetes with Docker Swarm. You can read the details in the blog post here..* Over the last six months, Rancher has grown very quickly, and now includes support for multiple orchestration frameworks in addition to Cattle, Rancher’s native orchestrator. The first framework to arrive was Kubernetes, and not long after, Docker Swarm was added. This week, the team at Rancher added support for Mesos. Read More…

event June 2, 2016
timer Read Time: 7 minutes


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