Introduction to Container Security

Containers are still a relatively new technology, but they have already had a massive impact on software development and delivery. Companies all around the world are starting to migrate towards microservices, and containers enable developers to quickly spin up services with minimal effort. In the past it took a fair amount of time to download, install, and configure software, but now you can take advantage of solutions that have already been packaged up for you and only require a single command to run. Read More…

Jeffrey Poore
Jeffrey Poore
event October 1, 2018
timer Read Time: 8 minutes

Intro to Kubernetes and Rancher 2.0 Online Training

Ready to learn more about using Kubernetes and Rancher 2.0? This free online training is aimed at users new to Kubernetes, or those interested in using Rancher to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes. In this session, our experts will walk you through: Essential Kubernetes concepts The key components of a Kubernetes deployment Deploying and scaling a containerized application with Kubernetes, Helm, and Rancher All demonstrations are done live and in real-time. Read More…

event August 23, 2018


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