Gray Calendar Icon July 19, 2018

At full scale Chick-fil-A will be running Kubernetes at the Edge in each of our 2000 restaurants. That means roughly 6000 devices at the Edge running Kubernetes.

Gray Calendar Icon July 18, 2018

Rancher Labs recently ran an analyst day in San Francisco. The event had thirteen customer speakers, which, given Rancher claims to have 200 paying customers, is a pretty decent chunk of the installed base.

Gray Calendar Icon October 5, 2017

Following my journey in evaluating and building Enterprise-grade Kubernetes from scratch on VMware ESXi hypervisor with different software stacks / frameworks, my next stop is to take a good look at what Rancher Labs has to offer.

Gray Calendar Icon November 16, 2016

Many organizations run Kubernetes clusters in a single public cloud like GCE or AWS, and as a result have reasonably homogenous infrastructure needs. In these situations deploying Kubernetes clusters is relatively straightforward.

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