Rancher 2.2 Hits the GA Milestone

Rancher 2.2 Hits the GA Milestone

Rancher 2.2 has reached GA and is available for immediate use. It's packed with features for Day 2 Kubernetes operations, designed to make clusters and their workloads more available and easier to manage. This article describes the main features in 2.2, their benefits, and when to use them.

Adrian Goins
Adrian Goins
event March 26, 2019
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

Intro to Kubernetes and Rancher 2.0 Online Training

Free, online training for Kubernetes and Rancher. Our popular sessions show you the basics of running Kubernetes, including deployments, pods, services, running Kubectl, and ingresses.

event August 23, 2018

Kubernetes Helm Tips and Tricks: Updating an App that uses ConfigMap

Datadog is a popular hosted monitoring solution for aggregating and analyzing metrics and events for distributed systems. Leveraging Datadog with Rancher can then give you a full stack view of all of your applications running on Kubernetes clusters, wherever they are hosted.

Rajashree Mandaogane
Rajashree Mandaogane
event July 10, 2018
timer Read Time: 4 minutes


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