Recording: Introducing Kubernetes Environments in Rancher - February 2016 Online Meetup

A hands-on guide to deploying applications in Rancher’s new Kubernetes environments  Over the last few months our team at Rancher Labs has been adding support for Kubernetes natively within Rancher. Our implementation of Kubernetes takes advantage of Rancher’s platform orchestration, simple UI, access control, networking and storage capabilities to deliver simple to deploy Kubernetes clusters for managing applications. In our February meetup we introduced this new support, and discussed how these Kubernetes environments compare with our native Docker environments and help you understand when and how each can be used to power your containers.

event February 1, 2016

Recording: Running Docker on Amazon Web Services with Rancher - December 2015 Online Meetup

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular clouds for running Docker workloads, and we’ve seen more and more users deploy Rancher in conjunction with multiple AWS services to deliver a resilient production grade service. In our December online meetup, we discussed best practices for running applications using Docker on Amazon Web Services with Rancher. We demonstrated how to deploy, scale and manage deployments while using underlying AWS features, such as EBS, ELB, Route53, RDS, and more.

event November 25, 2015

Recording: Monitoring Docker with Sysdig and Rancher - October 2015 Online Meetup

[caption id=“attachment_2813” align=“alignright” width=“300”]Screenshot: Sysdig Monitoring Rancher Environment Meetup Screenshot: Bill Maxwell Demonstrates Sysdig monitoring his Rancher environment[/caption]

Yesterday we hosted an online meetup with the team from Sysdig, in which we discussed best practices for monitoring Docker, and some of the unique challenges around applying monitoring policies to containers. Over the course of the meetup, we introduced Rancher and Sysdig, and demonstrated how we’re using Sysdig here at Rancher to manage our containers.

The meetup included a number of presentations, and we’ve included the agenda below along with direct links to that portion of the meetup if you’d like to jump ahead at all. • Rancher Overview - Shannon Williams, Rancher (direct link) • Sysdig Overview - Chris Crane, Sysdig (direct link) • Demo: Best practices for monitoring containers - BIll Maxwell, Rancher (direct link) • Demo: Deep container monitoring with Sysdig- Gianluca Borello, Sysdig  (direct link) • Demo: Sysdig Cloud (direct link) • Monthly Update on latest Rancher enhancements (direct link)

We’ve included the entire video below. If you would like to try out Rancher, please join our beta program. You can learn more about Sysdig on their website.

event October 21, 2015

Recording: Container Logging with Docker and ELK - September Online Meetup

Container Logging: How to manage container logs and build an ELK service using Docker and Rancher Container logging is a common challenge for container deployments. Logging with containers is a bit different than traditional logging, because the logs for each container are nested within the container. On September 16th, we hosted an online meetup discussing all aspects of container logging, and demonstrating how to build a scalable logging service for Docker and Rancher that uses Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK), along with Logspout.

event September 16, 2015

Recording: Introducing Convoy - August 2015 Online Meetup

Over the last few months our team at Rancher Labs has been working on building software that would allow users to create and manage persistent Docker volumes. With the release of Docker 1.8, which now officially supports Docker volume drivers, we announced Convoy, an open-source Docker volume driver that can snapshot, backup and restore Docker volumes anywhere. Convoy is designed to be a standalone Docker volume driver that runs on individual Linux hosts.

event August 20, 2015

Recording: Building a Scalable CI Deployment with Docker - August 2015 Online Meetup

On August 13th, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams hosted an online meetup demonstrating how our team at Rancher uses Drone.io, Docker and Rancher to build a scalable CI platform for builds and test environments.  Rancher engineer Bill Maxwell gave a demonstration of how he built Rancher’s CI platform, and provided a Docker Compose file for anyone interested in deploying it themselves. We were also lucky to have Brad Rydzewski, founder of Drone.io present the latest features coming to Drone.

We’ve recorded the meeting and shared it below.  You can register for our next online meetup on our events page. If you would like to learn more about Rancher, please sign up for our Beta Program, or schedule a demo with one of our engineers. 

event July 17, 2015

Recording: Implementing Docker-as-a-Service - July Online Meetup

On July 15th, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams hosted an online meetup demonstrating how to deploy a pilot Docker Service, and teaching attendees how to implement an integrated stack that included DockerHub, GitHub, Rancher, Jenkins and Prometheus. We’ve recorded the meeting and shared it below.   You can also view and download the slides from Slide Share.   Register for our next online meetup now.  

event July 1, 2015

Recording: Application Management with Docker - June 2015 Online Meetup

An overview of how to deploy and manage Docker applications. In this meetup, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams discussed how Docker is changing application management, and demonstrated how to deploy an application using Docker Compose, service discovery, service load balancing, service cloning and health checks. To do this we demonstrated how to deploy Rancher, add hosts and configure a multi-service application.  

event June 9, 2015

Recording: Introducing RancherVM - May 2015 Online Meetup

RancherVM is a new open source project from Rancher Labs that makes it simple to run KVM inside a Docker container. With RancherVM users can package KVM images inside Docker images and manage VM containers using familiar Docker commands. In this online meetup, Sheng Liang demonstrated how to get started with RancherVM, as well as: How to build a KVM image and package it within a Docker container How to use docker commands and tools like Rancher to manage virtual machines.

event June 4, 2015

Recording: Deploying Microservices with Docker Compose and Rancher - April 2015 Online Meetup

On April 29th, Shannon Williams and Darren Shepherd hosted an online meetup to talk about deploying microservices based applications using Docker Compose and Rancher. The session included demonstrations of how to build a Docker Compose file, and how to use Rancher’s upcoming services capability to deploy, scale and manage docker environments. The first hour of the video includes overview content and the demonstrations. The rest of the recording are questions from the attendees.

event June 4, 2015


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