How to Run Rancher 2.0 on your Desktop

Don’t have access to Cloud infrastructure? Maybe you would like to use Rancher for local development just like you do in production? No problem, you can install Rancher 2.0 on your desktop. In this tutorial we will install Docker-for-Desktop Edge release and enable the built in Kubernetes engine to run your own personal instance of Rancher 2.0 on your desktop. Prerequisites For this guide you will need a couple of tools to manage and deploy to your local Kubernetes instance. Read More…

Jason Greathouse
Jason Greathouse
event May 18, 2018
timer Read Time: 4 minutes

How to setup Rancher 2 in an air gapped environment

It’s sometimes not possible to use hosted services like GKE or AKS, and there are occasions where direct internet access is not possibe (offline/airgapped). In these instances it is still possible to use Rancher to manage your clusters. In this post we’ll walk through what you need to do when you want to run Rancher 2.0 in an offline/air gapped environment. Private Registry Everything Rancher related runs in a container, so a place to store the containers in your environment is the first requirement. Read More…

Sebastiaan van Steenis
Sebastiaan van Steenis
event May 7, 2018
timer Read Time: 5 minutes


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