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Christian Frank explores two options for building a Rancher Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack: with the OpenStack node driver or through a custom node setup.

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DevOps Chat host Alan Shimel speaks with Sheng Liang, Rancher Co-Founder and CEO about the recent momentum at Rancher. They also talk about Kubernetes becoming the industry standard for compute.

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The author plays around with the Helm Controller from K3s. "If you are not familiar with Rancher's k3s or helm-controller, I would suggest you go take a look at this article first and then (once you are amazed) come back and continue reading this piece," writes Francisco Bobadilla.

Gray Calendar Icon October 8, 2019

The team behind the cluster-management platform Rancher just released version 2.3 of its project into the enterprise world, promising better security and support for provisioning Windows clusters amongst other new and improved capabilities.

Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams
Gray Calendar Icon November 14, 2018
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Rancher now has added support for Huawei Cloud Container Engine (CCE), Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE). The integration will be available in Rancher 2.2, scheduled to ship in early 2019.

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At full scale Chick-fil-A will be running Kubernetes at the Edge in each of our 2000 restaurants. That means roughly 6000 devices at the Edge running Kubernetes.

Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams
Gray Calendar Icon May 9, 2018
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Shannon Williams discusses takeaways from KubeCon Europe 2018. As co-founder of Rancher Labs and after attending KubeCon every year since 2015, Shannon sees important lessons from the conference that affect small and large organizations who are adopting Kubernetes. Read now.

Gray Calendar Icon December 5, 2017
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Partnership Combines Rancher 2.0 with Canonical Kubernetes and Leading Cloud OS, Ubuntu Today, we joined Canonical in announcing the Canonical Cloud Native Platform, a new offering that provides complete support and management for Kubernetes in the Enterprise. The Cloud Native Platform combines Rancher 2.0 container management software with Canonical Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kubernetes, and will be available when Rancher 2.0 launches next spring. This announcement is an enormous accomplishment for our team here at Rancher.

Gray Calendar Icon November 29, 2017
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Today, we are announcing a new open-source project called the Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE), our new Kubernetes installer. RKE is extremely simple, lightning fast, and works everywhere. Why a new Kubernetes installer? In the last two years, Rancher has become one of the most popular ways to stand up and manage Kubernetes clusters. Users love Rancher as a Kubernetes installer because it is very easy to use. Rancher fully automates etcd, the Kubernetes master, and worker node operations.

Gray Calendar Icon October 5, 2017

Following my journey in evaluating and building Enterprise-grade Kubernetes from scratch on VMware ESXi hypervisor with different software stacks / frameworks, my next stop is to take a good look at what Rancher Labs has to offer.

Gray Calendar Icon November 16, 2016

Many organizations run Kubernetes clusters in a single public cloud like GCE or AWS, and as a result have reasonably homogenous infrastructure needs. In these situations deploying Kubernetes clusters is relatively straightforward.

Gray Calendar Icon October 29, 2016

CNCF welcomes Longhorn to its sandbox

Gray Calendar Icon June 21, 2016
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[We just came back from DockerCon 2016, the biggest and most exciting DockerCon yet. Rancher had a large and well-trafficked presence there - our developers even skipped attending breakout sessions in favor of staffing the booth, just to talk with all the people who were interested in Rancher. In only two days, over a thousand people stopped by to talk to us!] [Docker-Native Orchestration] [Without a doubt, the biggest news out of DockerCon this year is the new built-in container orchestration capabilities in the upcoming Docker 1.

Gray Calendar Icon June 1, 2016
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[I am excited to announce that Rancher officially supports Mesos, one of the most popular distributed cluster managers on the market today. Mesos is able to manage a large number of computing hosts and schedule computing jobs to these hosts according to their CPU, memory, and storage needs. ] [But Mesos is much more than a distributed resource manager and scheduler. In the past few years, the ][Mesos community][ has developed a rich set of frameworks to automate the deployment and operations of large-scale distributed applications such as Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Spark, and Kafka.

Gray Calendar Icon May 10, 2016
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Users have submitted thousands of issues to help us improve Rancher these last 18 months. This morning, we announced that Rancher Labs has raised \$20 million in series B funding to accelerate our growth in response to the incredible Rancher adoption we’ve seen over the last year. It is an exciting day for our entire team, as it validates so much hard work, and gives us an opportunity to continue the work we are so passionate about.

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In the first part of this post, I created a full Node.js application stack using MongoDB as the application’s database and Nginx as a load balancer that distributed incoming requests to two Node.js application servers. I created the environment on Rancher and using Docker containers. In this post I will go through setting up Rancher authentication with GitHub, and creating a webhook with GitHub for automatic deployments. []Rancher Access Control Starting from version 0.

Gray Calendar Icon March 6, 2015
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So last week I finally got out from my “tech” comfort zone, and tried to set up a Node.js application which uses a MongoDB database, and to add an extra layer of fun I used Rancher to set up the whole application stack using Docker containers. I designed a small application with Node, its only function is to calculate the number of hits on the website, you can find the code at Github

Gray Calendar Icon March 4, 2015
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Today Docker acquired SDN software maker SocketPlane. Congratulations to both Docker and SocketPlane teams. We have worked closely with SocketPlane team since the early Docker networking discussions and have a great amount of respect for their technical abilities. We are also happy to see Docker Inc. make a serious effort to bring SDN capabilities to the Docker platform. Many customers have told us that the lack of multi-host networking is one of the last remaining gaps that impede the wide-spread production use of Docker containers.

Gray Calendar Icon March 2, 2015
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[Usman is a server and infrastructure engineer, with experience in building large scale distributed services on top of various cloud platforms. You can read more of his work at, or follow him on twitter @usman_ismailor on GitHub.] Magento is an open-source content management system (CMS) offering a powerful tool-set for managing eCommerce web-sites. Magento is used by thousands of companies including Nike and Office Max. Today we are going to walk through the process of setting up a Magento cluster using Docker and Rancher on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Gray Calendar Icon February 25, 2015
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Thanks to Docker, Orange and Blumberg Capital for hosting a great meetup last night in San Francisco. Darren Shepherd, Chief Architect of Rancher Labs introduced RancherOS for the first time, and answered questions from the audience. Learn more about RancherOS, or download it from GitHub. If you’d like to learn more, Darren will be presenting RancherOS at an online meetup on March 31st, 2015. RancherOS Demo at Docker Meetup from Rancher Labs on Vimeo.

Gray Calendar Icon February 24, 2015
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Today I would like to announce a new open source project called RancherOS – the smallest, easiest way to run Docker in production and at scale. RancherOS is the first operating system to fully embrace Docker, and to run all system services as Docker containers. At Rancher Labs we focus on building tools that help customers run Docker in production, and we think RancherOS will be an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lightweight version of Linux ideal for running containers.

Gray Calendar Icon January 29, 2015
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Hussein Galal is a Linux System Administrator, with experience in Linux, Unix, Networking, and open source technologies like Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, Passenger, MySQL, LXC, and Docker. You can follow Hussein on Twitter @galal_hussein. I recently used Docker and Rancher to set up a Redis cluster on Digital Ocean. Redis clustering provides a way to share data across multiple Redis instances, keys are distributed equally across instances using hash slots. Redis clusters provide a number of nice features, such as data resharding and availability between instances.

Gray Calendar Icon December 3, 2014
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In addition to managing container networking across cloud providers, we are excited to announce the following features in Rancher v0.2. First up, the team has exposed the building blocks for storage management.

Gray Calendar Icon November 14, 2014
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Almost one year ago I started Stampede as an R&D project to look at the implications of Docker on cloud computing moving forward, and as such I’ve explored many ideas. After releasing Stampede, and getting so much great feedback, I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts. I’m renaming to to signify the new direction and focus the project is taking. Going forward, instead of the experimental personal project that Stampede was, Rancher will be a well-sponsored open source project focused on building a portable implementation of infrastructure services similar to EBS, VPC, ELB, and many other services.

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