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The SaaS Talk Show's Artem Gassan and Shannon Williams, Co-founder, President & CRO of Rancher Labs discuss how to scale revenue for open source products, and how Rancher succeeds in this arena.

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Rancher customer, Jeff Klink of Sera4 says the road to a containerised future is full of potholes, and offers five lessons to help you reboot your infrastructure with a container/microservice-based architecture.

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Though K3s is a simplified, miniature version of Kubernetes, it doesn’t compromise the API conformance and functionality. Almost all the tools of the cloud native ecosystem seamlessly work with K3s. Almost all the workloads that run a full-blown Kubernetes cluster are guaranteed to work on a K3s cluster – Janakiram MSV explains Rancher's K3s.

Gray Calendar Icon July 24, 2020

CRN’s annual Emerging Vendors special report shines a spotlight on some of the most exciting channel-focused startup vendors with leading-edge technologies that are creating new opportunities for solution providers, and Rancher Labs is among the 125 vendors singled out for this accolade, and one among nine hot data center startups, as categorized by CRN.

Gray Calendar Icon July 22, 2020

The alliance with Rancher Labs creates an opportunity for Fujitsu UK to establish patterns for deploying and reusing microservices based on containers across multiple public clouds that will be accessible to a diverse range of government agencies, says Jason Daniels, CTO for Public Sector, Law and Order at Fujitsu UK.

Gray Calendar Icon May 25, 2020

Rancher customer Zach Dunn explains why Optoro moved its Ruby on Rails stack from an Amazon Web Services’ Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), to an on-premise Joyent Smart Data Center (SDC) installation, and how this path led the company straight into containerization and the benefits of the open source Kubernetes container orchestration engine.

Gray Calendar Icon April 20, 2020

Sebastian Klovig Skelton says most businesses are not lucky enough to be able to build a new cloud native architecture and looks at how to take legacy applications forward. Olivier Maes, vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Rancher Labs weighs in with: “Kubernetes allows companies to make legacy functionality available for new, cloud-native applications and, crucially, it’s saving companies money and valuable time.”

Gray Calendar Icon April 15, 2020

Chris Tozzi writes that local Kubernetes is a great way to play around with the container orchestration system without the complexity and cost of a full-scale, multiserver deployment, and describes three approaches to run Kubernetes locally. K3s from Rancher Labs offers the closest option to a production-level server on a PC or laptop, he explains.

Gray Calendar Icon March 31, 2020

John Leonard writes that Kubernetes has taken the software world by storm, providing a convenient and flexible way to take the pain out of deploying and managing applications in containers, and that Rancher Labs has big - and small - plans for the container orchestration platform.

Gray Calendar Icon March 17, 2020

Oliver Maes, Rancher Labs' Managing Director, EMEA, offers his take on how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications and related data services using Kubernetes as a catalyst We look at the tools and technologies available encompassing aspects of change management and the use of APIs and containerisation (and more) to make legacy functionality and data available to cloud-native applications. This post is written by Olivier Maes, VP EMEA for Rancher Labs – the company is known for its work in operating-system-level virtualization tools.

Gray Calendar Icon March 4, 2020

In this primer on what a Kubernetes distribution is and how to choose from the leading Kubernetes distros, Tozzi says Rancher is "more flexible [than OpenShift] because it provides some choice in deciding which components to use."

Gray Calendar Icon February 20, 2020

Rancher Co-Founder and CEO Sheng Liang reflects on the rapid Kubernetes technology evolution and its impact on the competition.

Gray Calendar Icon February 13, 2020

DevOps Chat host Alan Shimel speaks with Sheng Liang, Rancher Co-Founder and CEO about the recent momentum at Rancher. They also talk about Kubernetes becoming the industry standard for compute.

Gray Calendar Icon February 9, 2020

Adam Vegert takes you through how to install Rancher 2.3.5, step by step. If you're interested in testing out Rancher, this article helps you get started.

Gray Calendar Icon February 6, 2020

The author plays around with the Helm Controller from K3s. "If you are not familiar with Rancher's k3s or helm-controller, I would suggest you go take a look at this article first and then (once you are amazed) come back and continue reading this piece," writes Francisco Bobadilla.

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Shannon Williams, co-founder and VP of sales at Rancher Labs, told SDxCentral that CNCF exams and courses were great starting points that hit on all the important elements of deploying and maintaining Kubernetes clusters.

Gray Calendar Icon October 8, 2019

The team behind the cluster-management platform Rancher just released version 2.3 of its project into the enterprise world, promising better security and support for provisioning Windows clusters amongst other new and improved capabilities.

Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams
Gray Calendar Icon May 9, 2018
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Shannon Williams discusses takeaways from KubeCon Europe 2018. As co-founder of Rancher Labs and after attending KubeCon every year since 2015, Shannon sees important lessons from the conference that affect small and large organizations who are adopting Kubernetes. Read now.

Gray Calendar Icon October 29, 2016

ITOps Times news digest: Rancher Labs project joins CNCF, Moogsoft Express released, and Kontena Lens 2.3

Gray Calendar Icon October 29, 2016

CNCF welcomes Longhorn to its sandbox

Gray Calendar Icon October 18, 2016
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This morning, we’re excited to launch the Rancher Partner Network - a group of leading organizations focused on building top-notch cloud and container solutions for their customers. These are vendors with whom we collaborate, and whom we trust and endorse to help enterprises bring containers into their development workflows and production environments. The Rancher Partner Network includes consulting partners, systems integrators, resellers, and service providers from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Gray Calendar Icon June 21, 2016
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[We just came back from DockerCon 2016, the biggest and most exciting DockerCon yet. Rancher had a large and well-trafficked presence there - our developers even skipped attending breakout sessions in favor of staffing the booth, just to talk with all the people who were interested in Rancher. In only two days, over a thousand people stopped by to talk to us!] [Docker-Native Orchestration] [Without a doubt, the biggest news out of DockerCon this year is the new built-in container orchestration capabilities in the upcoming Docker 1.

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In last week’s 0.9 release we added support in Rancher for users to create new deployment environments that can be shared with colleagues. These docker environments are called projects, and are an extension of the GitHub OAuth integration we added to Rancher last month. The focus of projects is to allow teams to collaborate on Docker environments, and since our user management is connected with GitHub today, we leverage standard GitHub abstractions, such as users, teams and organizations, to support Rancher Projects.

Gray Calendar Icon February 25, 2015
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Thanks to Docker, Orange and Blumberg Capital for hosting a great meetup last night in San Francisco. Darren Shepherd, Chief Architect of Rancher Labs introduced RancherOS for the first time, and answered questions from the audience. Learn more about RancherOS, or download it from GitHub. If you’d like to learn more, Darren will be presenting RancherOS at an online meetup on March 31st, 2015. RancherOS Demo at Docker Meetup from Rancher Labs on Vimeo.

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