Gray Calendar Icon September 30, 2020

Swapnil Bhartiya of TFiR Insights sits down with Keith Basil, VP, Edge Solutions at Rancher Labs to learn more about the strategic value of Edge for Rancher.

Gray Calendar Icon August 18, 2020

"Instead of intensifying the debate, it seems that containerization has brought agreement to the storage realm while simultaneously unleashing a wave of innovation in the market," Amy-Vogt says of the discussion between Sheng Liang, Rancher CEO and Murli Thirumane, Portworx CEO with theCUBE's Stu Miniman.

Gray Calendar Icon August 18, 2020

Rancher VP of Edge Solutions, Keith Basil gives Joab Jackson a preview of his KubeCon + CloudNativeCon presentation, titled 'Managing Cluster Sprawl'.

Gray Calendar Icon August 18, 2020

Jeff Klink, VP Engineering and Cloud at Sera4 talks locks, security, data soveignty, and Sera4's journey to Kubernetes and the pivotal role Rancher plays, with theCUBE's Stu Miniman.

Gray Calendar Icon August 3, 2020

Rancher Co-founder and CEO, Sheng Liang explains that today’s computing industry is beleaguered by multiple incompatible networking protocols. Apart from their own on-premise infrastructure, IT admins and DevOps teams must deal with multiple incompatible IaaS clouds. Kubernetes brings a consistent image format, API standard, and uniform security and operations practices across heterogeneous infrastructure.

Gray Calendar Icon July 8, 2020

CNBC's Jordan Novet writes that SUSE, a Linux distribution company controlled by private equity firm EQT, has agreed to acquire Rancher Labs, a start-up with technology that helps organizations run software in virtual containers across many servers.

Gray Calendar Icon May 24, 2020

Kubernetes today is experiencing a similar growth curve to virtualization, argues Rancher CMO Peter Smails in this episode of “10 on Tech.” He discusses Kubernetes’ past, present, and future with ActualTech Media Partner James Green.

Gray Calendar Icon May 13, 2020

Kubernetes implementation in the enterprise is not a DIY exercise, says Kurt Marko, who talks to Jeff Klink, Sera4 VP Cloud and Security, about Sera4's decision to put Rancher at the center of its strategy to accelerate application delivery using Kubernetes.

Gray Calendar Icon March 10, 2020

Forbes has named Rancher Labs one of America’s best startup employers. Forbes partnered with Statista to find out which startups employees like best. Statista evaluated 2,500 American companies founded between 2010 and 2017 with at least 50 employees on employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth.

Gray Calendar Icon February 27, 2020

The ability to manage thousands of branch locations remotely without hands-on effort intrigues enterprise Rancher users like Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA), which is considering rolling out k3s to more than 8,000 bank branch locations this year.

Gray Calendar Icon February 22, 2020

According to Mark Albertson at Silicon ANGLE, Kubernetes is popular, complex, a security risk – and destined for invisibility. Find out how Rancher Labs is playing its part by simplifying the implementation process.

Gray Calendar Icon February 18, 2020

Most developers are inexperienced at using Kubernetes. It’s so new that no one has more than 5 years of experience, and it can take 12 to 18 months to get even basic proficiency. Here’s how Managed Service Providers can fill the gap by removing the cognitive load of manually handling everything from configurations through day two operations.

Gray Calendar Icon February 18, 2020

In this episode of Let’s Talk Online, host Swapnil Bhartiya and Rancher Labs CEO Sheng Liang talk about recent consolidation in the Kubernetes marketplace and the phenomenal growth the company is seeing as enterprises weigh its potential consequences.

Gray Calendar Icon January 31, 2020

Kubernetes is becoming a commodity, offered by all three major cloud providers, making it accessible to all. Rancher offers K3s, a project that turns it into a distro suitable for edge.

Gray Calendar Icon January 31, 2020

An edge skeptic looks at Kubernetes on the edge -- and the interesting work that Rancher is doing in that space. This includes K3s, the certified Kubernetes distribution built for IoT and Edge computing.

Gray Calendar Icon January 30, 2020

StackShare named K3s the #1 New Tool of the Year in their annual developer tools roundup. They outlined the top 140 tools of 2019 based on four million data points shared by the StackShare community.

Gray Calendar Icon December 13, 2019

Find out how to extend k3s' load balancing functionality with MetalLB for load balancing on your local machine, in on-prem environments, on-bare metal or on the edge. "I’m sure k3s will play a central role in the cloud-native world not only for edge use cases and will replace a large amount of k8s deployments in the data center and in the cloud," writes Arash Karramanesh.

Gray Calendar Icon October 10, 2019

Kubernetes on Windows support will prompt IT teams to evaluate the open source container orchestration framework, now the de facto standard for cloud-native apps, for a broader set of legacy applications.

Gray Calendar Icon March 2, 2019

Scott Crooks of ParkBee needs a Kubernetes cluster comprised of edge Kubernetes nodes at each of their locations, with the Kubernetes master nodes present in AWS. He takes K3s for a spin and concludes: "K3s looks to be a very promising project for using Kubernetes in edge locations."

Sheng Liang
Sheng Liang
Gray Calendar Icon December 11, 2018
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Today Rancher announces a partnership with Arm to create a Kubernetes-based platform for IoT, edge, and data center nodes, all powered by Arm servers. Rancher and Arm are working jointly on a Smart City project in China. Read more here.

Gray Calendar Icon June 19, 2017
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I am incredibly excited to be joining such a talented, diverse group at Rancher Labs as Vice President of Business Development. In this role, I’ll be building upon my experience of developing foundational and strategic relationships based on open source technology. This change is motivated by my desire to go back to my roots, working with small, promising companies with passionate teams. I joined Docker, Inc. in 2013, just as it started to bring containers out of the shadows and empower developers to write software with the tools of their choice, while redefining their relationship with infrastructure.

Gray Calendar Icon November 5, 2014
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After months of work we will be previewing Rancher at AWS Re:Invent November 11-14. Stop by Booth #455 to meet our team and get the latest on what we’re planning over the next few months.

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