Gray Calendar Icon September 4, 2020

"We were already getting a lot of people coming to Rancher saying, 'Hey we want to run Kubernetes on the edge', which, to be perfectly honest I thought was silly - Kubernetes was too big and fat and complicated around the edge," says Darren Shepherd, co-founder and CTO of Rancher Labs, of how K3s got started.

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"The acceptance of K3s by CNCF could become one of the most significant milestones in the history of Kubernetes and cloud native computing," writes Janakiram MSV.

Gray Calendar Icon August 26, 2020

Christina Cardoza writes, "Key features of K3s include: production-grade Kubernetes, one binary with zero dependencies, the ability to easily add nodes to a cluster, and automatic certificate generation."

Gray Calendar Icon August 24, 2020

Caroline Tarbett looks at Ubisoft's use of Kubernetes to drive innovation, and how choosing Rancher led to an 80% reduction in its cluster deployment time and 20% reduction in its support ticket resolution time.

Gray Calendar Icon August 21, 2020

The second, and final, part of Janakiram's tutorial series, demonstrating how to set up and configure Rancher Labs’ K3s at the edge, in a highly available mode.

Gray Calendar Icon August 18, 2020

Rancher CEO Sheng Liang and Portworx CEO Murli Thirumane discuss the evolution of Kubernetes storage and how industry players must cooperate for the benefit of the open source community and industry at large, with Stu Miniman.

Gray Calendar Icon August 6, 2020

TechTarget's Search Cloud Computing looks at the top five cloud news stories of 2020, so far, including SUSE's acquisition of Rancher, which Sara Grier says will help SUSE reshape the Kubernetes market.

Gray Calendar Icon July 27, 2020

Tom Krazit asks "Why Rancher?" SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato answers: "First, I think they provided the enterprise Kubernetes management platform; it's market leading. They enable computing anywhere, everywhere, from core to edge to cloud."

Gray Calendar Icon July 15, 2020

Rancher's K3s cracks CRN's list of the 10 coolest open-source projects that are leading the industry toward greater adoption of agile development and DevOps methods, artificial intelligence, cloud-native architecture, and advanced security.

Gray Calendar Icon July 8, 2020

"Only the combination of SUSE and Rancher will have the depth of a globally supported and 100% true open source portfolio, including cloud native technologies, to help our customers seamlessly innovate across their business from the edge to the core to the cloud,” says SUSE CEO Melissa di Donato. 7/8/20Maria DeutschersiliconANGLESUSE acquires Rancher Labs for reported $600M+ as it chases $1B revenue goal acquisition of Rancher could bring (SUSE) closer to meeting its aggressive revenue target for 2023. In an exclusive interview on SiliconANGLE Media’s theCUBE in May, SUSE Chief Executive Officer Melissa Di Donato revealed the company is aiming to double its sales," explains Maria Deutscher.

Gray Calendar Icon June 26, 2020

Rancher Labs CMO, Peter Smails tells TechMarketers that in this new era of virtual events, marketers' skills in communicating are more important than ever to bring teams together.

Gray Calendar Icon June 4, 2020

B. Cameron Gain talks to Torsten Volk, an analyst for Enterprise Management Associates, and Rancher Co-founder and CEO, Sheng Liang and together they make the case for Longhorn, Rancher’s storage offering.

Gray Calendar Icon June 2, 2020

Rancher-bred cloud-native container storage solution Longhorn has hit its first major release, writes Julia Schmidt.

Gray Calendar Icon March 31, 2020

ZDNet's Stephanie Condon says the release of Rancher 2.4 takes the company one step closer to its vision of running Kubernetes everywhere, with architectural support for one million clusters. It also includes updates related to security and general performance.

Gray Calendar Icon March 16, 2020

Telstra Ventures lead a $US40 million investment round in Rancher Labs. The $900 million venture capital manager, which is part-owned by Telstra, but run independently, invested in Rancher Labs after the telco became a customer of the Californian startup's service.

Gray Calendar Icon February 21, 2020

In this episode of The New Stack Context Podcast, Harvard Business School Professor Frank Nagle and AspenMesh co-founder Neerjan Poddar sit down with The NewStack's Libby Clark to discuss the latest cloud-native computing topics, including two views of open source security and efforts to make Kubernetes easier to use.

Gray Calendar Icon February 18, 2020

Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs, weighs in on the future of the company in the wake of consolidation in the Kubernetes space.

Gray Calendar Icon February 6, 2020

Smile Innovation chose Rancher for a production Kubernetes cluster. "Rancher is mainly used because it eases the installation and it proposes a nice view. But Rancher is more than a simple UI, it proposes a very efficient monitoring installation, and it can manage Helm charts catalog with the option to use a questions.yaml file that yields forms to install applications," writes Patrice Ferlet. "Rancher is very impressive, adaptable, useful, complete, easy to use."

Gray Calendar Icon May 20, 2019

In the tradition of embedded Linux comes k3OS, an open source project for managing Kubernetes instances on embedded platforms at the edge.

Gray Calendar Icon October 31, 2016
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Version v0.7.0 of RancherOS, which mainly contains bug fixes and enhancements, was recently released and is now available on our releases page. Since there hasn’t been a blog post since the v0.5.0 release, this post also includes some of the key features implemented as part of v0.6.0 and v0.6.1. In addition to switching the default Docker version to 1.12.1 and kernel version to 4.4.21, the following features have been implemented.

Gray Calendar Icon August 12, 2016
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We’ve recently released v0.5.0 of RancherOS, the latest major release since v0.4.0. Since then, we’ve moved RancherOS out of an alpha state and made many changes to improve both stability and user experience. In addition to various bug fixes and support for Docker 1.11, v0.5.0 includes the following changes: [Official Raspberry Pi Image] [On our releases page you can now find an official Raspberry Pi image which is known to work on both Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

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