5 Tips for Making Containers Faster

Containers generally deploy faster and perform better than virtual machines. Visit Rancher to explore five tips for making Docker technology faster.

event November 5, 2017
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

The Similarities and Differences Between Windows and Linux Containers

Learn more about the steps of installing Docker on Windows, and explore the similarities and differences between Windows docker containers and Linux containers.

Brena Monteiro
Brena Monteiro
event September 20, 2017
timer Read Time: 4 minutes

RancherOS 1.1.0: Updated Docker support, VMware, Syslinux, and more

RancherOS v1.1.0 is [now available]! It includes a number of key enhancements such as: VMWare ESXi support; improved OS level logging, including boot-time logs; remote Syslog logging; and built in Logrotate and Cron services. Syslinux support has improved with the addition of a boot menu, allowing you to select debug, autologin, and recovery consoles. The reboot command can kexec into the latest and previous OS versions. With RancherOS v1.1.0 you still select Docker engines between 1.

event September 4, 2017
timer Read Time: 3 minutes

Announcing a New Terraform Module for GCE

I’m pleased to announce that Rancher has released a new Terraform module for deploying Rancher on Google Compute Engine (GCE). This complements our existing module for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Terraform is an excellent tool for managing infrastructure as code, and many of our users already make use of it elsewhere in their environments. Using this module along with either GCE or AWS to orchestrate Rancher gives you the ability to define the entirety of the stack—from the application layer being managed by Docker Compose or Kubernetes resource YML in Rancher all the way down to the servers and networks in the Terraform plan.

William Jimenez
William Jimenez
event August 31, 2017
timer Read Time: 2 minutes

Container Security Tools You Need to Know

Cyber security is no longer a luxury. If you need a reminder of that, just take a look at the seemingly endless number of stories appearing in the news lately about things like malware and security breaches. If you manage a Docker environment, and you want to help make sure your organization or users are not mentioned in the news stories that accompany the next big breach, you should know the tools available to you for helping to secure the Docker stack, and put them to work.

event June 29, 2017
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

What containerd means for Rancher and RancherOS

containerd is an industry-standard core container runtime that was initially released by Docker Inc. in December 2015 and contributed to CNCF in March 2017. We’ve received a number of questions about the project, so I thought I would provide you my perspective as well as some preliminary thoughts on how how Rancher Labs will leverage it. Docker, Kubernetes, and containerd The containerd project represents an important step in the evolution of the Docker platform.

event June 20, 2017
timer Read Time: 3 minutes

Press Release: Rancher Labs Named a 'Cool Vendor' in Cloud Infrastructure by Gartner

A provider of container management software, today announced they were recognized as one of four Cool Vendors in the May report by Gartner, Inc.

event May 17, 2017

Container Ecosystem Trends You Need to Know

Since Docker launched in 2013, it has brought a level of excitement and innovation to software development that’s contagious. It has rallied support from every corner—enterprises to startups, developers to IT folk, plus the open source community, ISVs, the biggest public cloud vendors, and every tool across the software stack. Since the launch of Docker, many major milestones have served to advance the container revolution. Let’s look at some of them.

event May 2, 2017
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

Rancher and the Moby Project

This week, the Moby Project was introduced with the idea of componentizing Docker into a series of assemblies. At DockerCon, a neat demo was done using the moby tool to assemble various components into customized Linux operating system images. While very cool, this seemed to have confused people – we’d like to provide some more background and explanation about the Moby Project and how it affects Rancher, RancherOS, and our users.

event April 21, 2017
timer Read Time: 3 minutes

DockerCon 2017 – Thoughts and Impressions

We’ve just returned from DockerCon 2017, which was a fantastic experience. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and impressions of the event, including my perspective on some of the key announcements, while they are still fresh in my mind. New open source projects Container adoption for production environments is very real. The keynotes on both days included some exciting announcements that should further accelerate adoption in the enterprise as well as foster innovation in the open source community.

event April 21, 2017
timer Read Time: 5 minutes


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