Understanding Kubernetes Authentication & Authorization in Rancher 2.0

As you may already know, Rancher 2.0 recently reached GA. One area we focused heavily on was authentication and authorization. By building on top of Kubernetes’ strong base and focusing on ease of use and simplicity, we’ve built a system that is both robust and user-friendly. It enables administrators to manage multi-cluster environments while also empowering end-users to get up and running quickly. This article will explain what we built and the benefits it provides to organizations, admins, and users. Read More…

Craig Jellick
Craig Jellick
event May 4, 2018
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Understanding Kubernetes RBAC

Update: This topic was addressed again and updated by Craig Jellick in “Understanding Authentication & Authorization in Rancher 2.0”. The general availability (GA) release of Rancher 2.0 draws closer by the day. In this post, we’ll explore the fine control you will have over your Rancher 2.0 deployments when you leverage the role-based access control (RBAC) that Kubernetes brings to the platform. Kubernetes introduced RBAC in 1.6 and has improved it in both 1. Read More…

event November 22, 2017
timer Read Time: 7 minutes

Online Meetup: Managing Kubernetes Clusters with Rancher 2.0

Rancher 2.0 tech preview provides centralized management of multiple Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds. Features such as centralized provisioning, authentication, and access control significantly increase visibility into and control of your Kubernetes clusters. Join us for our November online meetup when we’ll be doing a deep dive into the Rancher 2.0 cluster management capabilities. Rancher co-founders Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams will discuss and demo: A new tool to stand up Kubernetes clusters on vSphere and bare metal servers Provisioning Kubernetes clusters on Google Centralizing authentication across clusters How to setup RBAC policies according to projects and team Deploying applications from Rancher catalog that are built out of Kubernetes YAML files As always, all demonstrations will be live. Read More…

event November 9, 2017

Kubernetes Authentication in Rancher and RBAC

Update: Craig Jellick updated this topic of Kubernetes RBAC for Rancher 2.0 here. As of version 1.6.3, Rancher introduced the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature in Kubernetes. This feature allows admins to configure different policies that allow or deny access for users and service accounts to Kubernetes API resources. To better understand how the RBAC feature works, this post will shed light on how authentication works with the Kubernetes API, and how the RBAC authorization module works with authenticated users. Read More…

event September 22, 2017
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RBAC, Kubernetes, and Rancher

Update: The topic of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) was addressed again and updated by Craig Jellick here. With Kubernetes 1.6 came the beta release of the role-based access control (RBAC) feature. This feature allows admins to create policies defining which users can access which resources within a Kubernetes cluster or namespace. Kubernetes itself does not have a native concept of users and instead delegates to an external authentication system. As of version 1. Read More…

event July 10, 2017
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Beyond Kubernetes Container Orchestration

If you’re going to successfully deploy containers in production, you need more than just container orchestration Kubernetes is a valuable tool Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestrator for deploying and managing containerized applications. Building on 15 years of experience running production workloads at Google, it provides the advantages inherent to containers, while enabling DevOps teams to build container-ready environments which are customized to their needs. The Kubernetes architecture is comprised of loosely coupled components combined with a rich set of APIs, making Kubernetes well-suited for running highly distributed application architectures, including microservices, monolithic web applications and batch applications. Read More…

event March 23, 2017
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Rancher now supports GitHub OAuth

Hi, I’m Sidhartha Mani, one of the engineers here @Rancher_Labs, and I’ve been working on the user management functionality in Rancher. This week, we released support for GitHub OAuth. I’m very excited about his, because it allows organizations to connect their GitHub org structures to docker and collaborate on management. In this blogpost I’ll show you how to setup GitHub OAuth on Rancher for your organization. Rancher-Auth 2-minute setup. Read More…

event February 6, 2015
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