What's New in RancherOS v0.7.0

Version v0.7.0 of RancherOS, which mainly contains bug fixes and enhancements, was recently released and is now available on our releases page. Since there hasn’t been a blog post since the v0.5.0 release, this post also includes some of the key features implemented as part of v0.6.0 and v0.6.1. In addition to switching the default Docker version to 1.12.1 and kernel version to 4.4.21, the following features have been implemented.

event October 31, 2016
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What's New in RancherOS v0.5.0

We’ve recently released v0.5.0 of RancherOS, the latest major release since v0.4.0. Since then, we’ve moved RancherOS out of an alpha state and made many changes to improve both stability and user experience. In addition to various bug fixes and support for Docker 1.11, v0.5.0 includes the following changes: [Official Raspberry Pi Image] [On our releases page you can now find an official Raspberry Pi image which is known to work on both Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

event August 12, 2016
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Rancher 1.1 is Now Available!

View the Rancher 1.1.0 release notes on GitHub After a very exciting DockerCon last week where the bulk of the engineering team was able to see all the latest and greatest innovations surrounding the Docker ecosystem, our team was able to squash the remaining issues for our Rancher 1.1 stable release. If you have been following our dev builds, we have been shipping tech preview features with each release for our open source community members who want to play with the latest Rancher has to offer.

event June 28, 2016
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