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Gray Calendar Icon Published: March 1, 2017
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: January 26, 2021

If you’re headed to Pasadena, California this weekend for Scale15x, come see us! We’re excited to be presenting, and our talks are focused on practical knowledge for running containers and Kubernetes in production. While Rancher makes it easy to deploy and manage containers and Kubernetes, building that ease of use has required specific expertise and disciplined thought on how teams are incorporating them into their projects today. We’re headed to Scale to share what we’ve learned, and to get feedback from you. For those unfamiliar with the conference, the Southern California Linux Expo, now in its fifteenth year, is one of the largest gatherings of open source software and Linux users in the United States. Since its inception, it’s grown to encompass four days of amazing technical and community talks, stretched over a dozen tracks. Topics at the conference now go way beyond Linux, and its content now includes security, storage, and containers and virtualization. Here’s a rundown of where we’ll be:


Sessions by Rancher

Our team will be presenting at three talks, all with demos:

Refactoring to Microservices: A Practical Use Case (Thursday, March 2, 11am): Many users we talk to don’t have the luxury of building an entirely new application from scratch, for an entirely new purpose. Instead, they grapple with incorporating containers and microservices into existing applications and resources, and by extension, questions around segmenting logic, identifying storage solutions, and handling security. This talk covers those decision points, and walks through an example of refactoring and containerizing an existing application.

Building CNI plugins for Container Runtimes (Saturday, March 4, 1:30pm): The Container Network Interface (CNI) is the new, de-facto standard for implementing plugins for container runtimes, and this talk shows you how to implement one such plugin for Kubernetes.

Orchestrating Orchestrators: Lessons Learned Managing Kubernetes at Scale (Saturday, March 4, 3pm): Kubernetes can be challenging to use, and requires multiple binaries across its control plane plus additional services outside of upstream Kubernetes for a successful deployment. This talk goes beyond simple setup and configuration to discuss what’s needed to really needed run and scale Kubernetes.

Rancher is also sponsoring and exhibiting at Scale. If you’re at the conference, please visit us on the expo floor! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about Kubernetes, Rancher or any aspect of using containers in production. Not attending Scale? Then let us know where we should meet you! We especially love meetups, workshops, and un-conferences where we can really get to know our users and community, and we’re always adding new events to our schedule. We’ll see you soon!

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