What is Rancher?

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Why Rancher?

Rancher combines everything an organization needs to run containers in production and centrally manage multiple Kubernetes clusters. Request a demo today.

What Rancher adds to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a powerful engine for orchestrating containers. Rancher includes a full Kubernetes distribution, but adds value around Kubernetes in three key areas: Cluster Operations and Management, Intuitive Workload Management, and Enterprise Support.

Under the Hood of Rancher

Discover if Rancher is the right solution for your team’s container management needs. By learning the technical components of Rancher, you can start to take advantage of the power of its core features: Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE), Unified Cluster Management, and Workload Management.

Security and Compliance

As Kubernetes adoption continues to grow inside an enterprise, IT organizations need visibility and control to ensure the proper security and compliance requirements are met.

Kubernetes Workload Management, Simplified

Manage any Kubernetes cluster regardless of how they were created: a cloud Kubernetes service like GKE, an RKE cluster created by Rancher, or an imported cluster created by other tools.

Kubernetes Cluster Operations

Cluster Provisioning You don’t need to leave Rancher to provision cloud Kubernetes clusters -- Rancher invokes the appropriate cloud APIs for you, automatically deploying popular cloud container services like GKE, AKS or EKS. As an alternative, you can automatically deploy an RKE cluster and automatically leverage node-drivers pre-built for your favorite cloud. Cluster Upgrades Typically, cloud Kubernetes services upgrade the Kubernetes master automatically, but leave it to users whether to upgrade worker nodes.

Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud

Through a multi-cloud solution, Rancher gives control back to operations while offering flexibility and ease of use for developers.

How Rancher is Different from Other Tools

Rancher is an open source platform to implement Kubernetes on any infrastructure. Use Rancher to manage multiple cloud Kubernetes clusters without any vendor lock-in.

100% Open Source

Open source is not just a great way to engage developers and solicit code contributions, it is also a great way to engage a user community. More users lead more feedback, which results in a higher-quality product.


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