Comparison Template

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This file is a template to help you get started writing a "comparison" article.
Read our writing guidelines for more information on how to write articles for
the Rancher community:

title: "FILL OUT"
author: FILL-OUT
description: "FILL OUT"
type: "blog"
tags: ["Comparison"]
categories: [blog]
image: ""
draft: true

<!-- In the front matter above, fill out the title, author, and description
fields. -->

## Introduction

<!-- Include paragraphs describing article scope, why it's helpful, who should
read it, and what the reader will learn. -->

## Background

<!-- OPTIONAL! -->

<!-- You can optionally include a background section to provide additional
context on the technology segment the article will discuss. -->

## Comparison Framework

<!-- OPTIONAL! -->

<!-- It is often helpful to outline the framework you will be using to evaluate
the alternatives you are comparing.  A comparison framework section can help
you define the criteria and characteristics you will be analyzing. -->

<!-- After the introductory sections, include sections that introduce and
analyze each option in-depth.

You can use sections to introduce and evaluate each alternative in turn:

## (Alternative one)

## (Alternative two)

## (Alternative ...)

Or you can use sections to rate how different offerings fulfill each of the
criteria you are evaluating against:

## (Criteria one)

## (Criteria two)

## (Criteria ...)

## Conclusion


A brief wrap up describing the different choices the reader has and the state
of the ecosystem.  If available, include links to Rancher articles on how to
implement the various solutions discussed in the guide.

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