Research Template

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This file is a template to help you get started researching articles for Rancher. Reference the research assistant document for more details on how to fill it out. Get in touch with your contact if you have any questions as you work.

## Article Description


In this section, describe in detail:

* What the article will cover
* What technology will be used
* Who you think the best audience would be
* What they will end up learning and producing

This gives Rancher writers important context and allows them to write with the
correct goals in mind.


## Article Requirements


In this section, outline the prerequisites that a user would need to fulfill in
order to complete this procedure.  Outline the following types of information:

* Technology requirements (for example: three Debian servers, each with at
  least 4GB of RAM)
* Accounts (e.g., a Docker Hub account to store images and a GCP account to
  provision a cluster)
* Preliminary configuration (e.g., a non-root user with `sudo` privileges on
  each server)
* Knowledge and familiarity (e.g., experience building container images)


## Article Outline and Notes


This is where to write out and organize the major parts of your research.  Use
the article outline approved by your Rancher contact as a starting point to
build out more comprehensive instructions and notes.

Divide your outline into organizational sections, as you would when writing an
article.  In each section, include the following:

* Bullet points that describe the process a user would complete, trade offs you
  considered, any commentary on why you chose a certain path, etc.  Help your
  the future article writer understand why you are suggesting an action or
* The exact commands needed to complete this phase of the operation.  If
  helpful, include the expected output so that your contact can verify that
  steps were completed correctly.
* Screenshots, supporting images, or recommendations for assets that the
  Rancher team can create internally
* Links to the sources you referenced.  This helps us validate the process,
  provide additional context for readers when appropriate, and ensure that
  we're recommending safe and reliable practices.

These sections should constitute the bulk of your research.  They provide
guidance that helps writers build out an article based on the information
you've collected and verified.

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