This file is a template to help you get started writing a "tutorial" article.
Read our writing guidelines for more information on how to write articles for
the Rancher community:


title: "FILL OUT"
author: FILL-OUT
description: "FILL OUT"
type: "blog"
tags: ["Tutorial"]
categories: [blog]
image: ""
draft: true

<!-- In the front matter above, fill out the title, author, and description
fields. -->

## Introduction

<!-- Include paragraphs describing article scope, why it's helpful, who should
read it, and what the reader will learn. -->

## Background

<!-- OPTIONAL! -->

<!-- If you are writing about technology too complex to cover adequately in the
introduction, you can optionally include a background section to provide
additional context. -->

## Prerequisites


A list of technology requirements that the user will need to follow along.
Each prerequisite should include a description and a link to the user can
follow to fulfill the dependency.

The general pattern should look like this:

    In order to complete this guide, you will need the following:

    * **requirement:** requirement description with [requirement link]()
    * **requirement:** requirement description with [requirement link]()
    * **requirement:** requirement description with [requirement link]()


## Goals

<!-- OPTIONAL -->

<!-- For complex articles, include a goals section to outline the desired end
state. -->

<!-- After the introductory sections, include sections outlining individual
steps the reader can follow to complete the procedure.  Divide these up into
subsections as needed to improve clarity.

## (step one)

### (sub-step) ### (sub-step)

## (step two)

### (sub-step) ### (sub-step)

## (step ...)


## Conclusion


A brief wrap up describing the final state the reader should be in as well as
links to any additional resources or next steps.


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