To help improve consistency and clarity in the Rancher library, we’ve developed a word usage guide to establish conventions over terminology, ambiguous capitalization, and formatting. When writing articles for Rancher, consult this list to understand the way we use certain words and phrases.

The table below lists our preferred forms, some alternatives we discourage, the context in which these should be applied, and a description to help explain the reasoning behind our choices.

Preferred Form Instead of Context Description
article, post, guide blog Referring to a single piece of content A “blog” is a platform or collection that contains more than one post. For many people, it also tends to represent a narrow and specific type of content that isn’t always a good match for the variety of content that we produce.
Rancher Labs Rancher Referring to the Rancher organization Always use Rancher Labs when referring to the organization that develops Rancher Server and related technologies.

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