Accelerating DevOps adoption in the Nordics

Gray Calendar Icon Published: January 20, 2017
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: January 26, 2021

EVRYLast week we announced a partnership with EVRY, one of the leading IT companies in the Nordics, to deliver Rancher’s container management platform as a service to EVRY customers. This is an exciting moment for Rancher as the service will introduce our software to a new audience looking to embrace DevOps and transform how they deliver IT. Not surprisingly, our relationship with EVRY began last year when a couple of their cloud architects downloaded Rancher and built a small test deployment. Like so many Rancher fans, they were looking for a simple way to use containers to accelerate the adoption of DevOps and continuous delivery for customers. As we got to know the team at EVRY, they shared with us their vision to build a platform that would make it simple for companies to use Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher to build applications quickly, improve application testing, continuously release new features, and operate services reliably. They asked great questions about Rancher capabilities and began contributing to the open source project. In December, I visited Oslo to meet the EVRY team, including Tuomo Louhivuori, the EVP who is leading EVRY Cloud Services. Tuomo described numerous discussions with customers across the Nordics who were looking to transform their IT organizations to be more agile and deliver innovative services to their customers. He explained his team’s vision to create a “Distributed Container Service” which would make it simple for users to containerize applications and operate them identically on all different infrastructure, including:

  • Public clouds like Amazon, Google, Softlayer, and Azure
  • Dedicated VMWare deployments
  • Dedicated servers
  • Any other infrastructure a customer might have

Tuomo’s vision aligned perfectly with our goal here at Rancher to develop a container platform that would make it simple to run containers reliably on any infrastructure. We shared with the EVRY team our roadmap and plans for Rancher later this year and agreed on a partnership to collaborate on building the next generation of container management software. This partnership is an exciting sign of how quickly container adoption is maturing. EVRY has more than 9000 IT professionals across the Nordics, providing world-class services to thousands of companies across every industry. At Rancher, we’re thrilled to be working closely with EVRY to build a world class platform for running innovative software everywhere.

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