The FAQ is updated periodically and designed to answer the questions our users most frequently ask about K3s.

Is K3s a suitable replacement for k8s?

K3s is capable of nearly everything k8s can do. It is just a more lightweight version. See the main docs page for more details.

How can I use my own Ingress instead of Traefik?

Simply start K3s server with --disable traefik and deploy your ingress.

Does K3s support Windows?

At this time K3s does not natively support Windows, however we are open to the idea in the future.

How can I build from source?

Please reference the K3s with instructions.

Where are the K3s logs?

The installation script will auto-detect if your OS is using systemd or openrc and start the service.

When running with openrc, logs will be created at /var/log/k3s.log.

When running with systemd, logs will be created in /var/log/syslog and viewed using journalctl -u k3s.