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Rancher is enterprise management for Kubernetes.
Every distro. Every cluster. Every cloud.


Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn – PZ Reisendeninformation used Rancher to create a container orchestration model that enabled the microservices ecosystem and adequately supported developer teams who had to manage change in an efficient way. Read more.

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A Detailed Overview of Rancher's Architecture

This newly-updated, in-depth guidebook provides a detailed overview of the features and functionality of the new Rancher: an open-source enterprise Kubernetes platform.

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Intro to Kubernetes and Rancher 2.0 Online Training

Free, online training for Kubernetes and Rancher. Our popular sessions show you the basics of running Kubernetes, including deployments, pods, services, running Kubectl, and ingresses.

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Your Container Management Platform

Rancher is open source software that combines everything an organization needs to adopt and run containers in production. Built on Kubernetes, Rancher makes it easy for DevOps teams to test, deploy and manage their applications. Operations teams use Rancher to deploy, manage and secure every Kubernetes deployment regardless of where it is running.

How Rancher Works

More than 5,000
organizations trust Rancher

We’ve been able to migrate a massive implementation of VMs to containers using Rancher, saving money and improving the service we deliver to more than 1 million users.

Leon Katsnelson
Director & CTO, Emerging Technologies

It’s much easier for us to sell ideas internally with the tools and cohesive UI Rancher provides. For us, it’s made microservices tangible for our entire organization.

Nick Thomas
Senior Developer

With Rancher, the time it takes us to set up development and production environments and to upgrade services on these environments has decreased significantly.

Johan van der Geest
Scientist Innovator

Moving to containers and leveraging Rancher allowed us to reduce deploy times from hours to minutes, while helping to reduce our infrastructure footprint.

Michael Waltz
Senior DevOps Engineer at Demandbase

Using Rancher 2.0 increases our efficiency and provides our engineering teams with more time to focus on creating the next great innovations that will help Sling TV build upon its leadership position.

Brad Linder
Cloud Native and Big Data Evangelist

Containers are changing how we build and run applications at Cetera, and Rancher has provided a platform that enables everyone to understand and adopt this technology.

Naiden Calintaru
Enterprise Architect

Manage Kubernetes Clusters Across The Enterprise

Rancher meets all enterprise IT requirements. In one turnkey solution, your organization can centrally manage all of their Kubernetes clusters, access control, infrastructure, and security policies. Rancher enables you to collect all of your clusters, no matter where they reside and manage them as a single, integrated environment.


Access Control


More Features

Simplify Running Containers In Production

Rancher empowers DevOps organizations. With its easy to understand UI, application catalog and integrated tools, teams can simplify adoption of Kubernetes, giving them time to build applications faster and get to market with features your customers will love.


Manage CI/CD


More Features

Supercharge your CI/CD Pipeline with Containers

This ebook will cover a workflow for code development, continuous integration and deployment, as well as zero-downtime updates.

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