This section contains information to help you troubleshoot issues when using Rancher.

  • Kubernetes components

    If you need help troubleshooting core Kubernetes cluster components like:

    • etcd
    • kube-apiserver
    • kube-controller-manager
    • kube-scheduler
    • kubelet
    • kube-proxy
    • nginx-proxy
  • Kubernetes resources

    Options for troubleshooting Kubernetes resources like Nodes, Ingress Controller and Rancher Agents are described in this section.

  • Networking

    Steps to troubleshoot networking issues can be found here.

  • DNS

    When you experience name resolution issues in your cluster.

  • Troubleshooting Rancher installed on Kubernetes

    If you experience issues with your Rancher server installed on Kubernetes

  • Logging

    Read more about what log levels can be configured and how to configure a log level.

  • User ID Tracking in Audit Logs

    Read more about how a Rancher Admin can trace an event from the Rancher audit logs and into the Kubernetes audit logs using the external Identity Provider username.