Introducing Kubernetes Environments in Rancher - Recorded Online Meetup - February 2016

Gray Calendar Icon Published: February 26, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

meetupOver the last few months our team at Rancher Labs has been adding support for Kubernetes within Rancher. We’ve been implementing Kubernetes in a way that takes advantage of Rancher’s platform orchestration, simple UI, access control, networking and storage capabilities to deliver simple to deploy Kubernetes clusters for managing applications. In our February meetup we introduced this new support, and discussed how these environments compare with our traditional Docker environments and help users understand when and how each can be used to deploy and manage container deployments. This new functionality will be available in Rancher in two to three weeks in March of 2016. We’ve uploaded a recording of the meetup below, as well as posted the slides to Slideshare. Over the course of the meetup we discussed:

  • Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster within Rancher
  • Launching Pods and Replication Controllers
  • Leveraging Rancher services within Kubernetes
  • Understanding the differences between Kubernetes and native Docker environments
  • Service discovery, scheduling and high availability

You can register for our next meetup here:

Introducing Kubernetes Clusters in Rancher - February 2016 Online Meetup from Shannon Williams

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