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These free online meetups are aimed at users new to Kubernetes, or those interested in using Rancher to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes.

How to quickly master Rancher and Kubernetes

Join our free online meetups to learn how to use Rancher to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes. Learn strategies, best practices and tips from Rancher product experts, customers and partners. Each session includes live demos and plenty of time for live Q&A.

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There are no upcoming meetups scheduled at this time.

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Learn to Run Kubernetes Everywhere: Get Certified as a Rancher Operator

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for deploying container-backed applications at scale, both on-premises and in the cloud. Rancher is the most popular open-source solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters. Learn how to use Rancher with Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies to accelerate how you build and deploy applications today. Learn more.

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