Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Rancher Labs builds software that helps enterprises deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service across any infrastructure. When running Kubernetes workloads in mission-critical environments, our community knows that they can turn to us for world-class support.

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Rancher deploys and manages Kubernetes clusters on any provider, anywhere in the world. It includes all of the tools for running Kubernetes in the enterprise, including all of the resources for both operations and development teams. Businesses who use Rancher see a marked improvement in Kubernetes reliability and adoption over alternative solutions.

Rancher Kubernetes Engine

Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that runs entirely within Docker containers. The only software a host needs to run is Docker, which opens the door for running Kubernetes in small-footprint, secure locations. It builds a cluster from a single command in only a few minutes, and its declarative configuration makes Kubernetes upgrades atomic and safe.


RancherOS is a tiny, lightweight Linux operating system designed for running containers. Everything, including all system services, runs in a container. It runs only the bare minimum of services required for running user workloads, which not only makes it very secure but also makes it fast to install and boot. When you want a reliable, user-friendly container operating system, RancherOS will satisfy all of your needs.



Submariner is the solution for directly connecting applications across Kubernetes clusters. It builds encrypted tunnels between clusters and routes traffic between Pods. Submariner is the perfect solution for multi-cluster solutions like distributed tracing, service mesh, or distributed databases like Cassandra.


K3s is Kubernetes for the edge. A single 40 MB binary, K3s makes it possible to run Kubernetes on x86 and Arm computers with 1 GB or less of RAM. It’s the perfect solution for remote locations, wind farms, telco installations, or other deployments where it’s important to get as much power as possible into the smallest form factor.


Longhorn uses containers to provide distributed, replicated block storage within a Kubernetes cluster. By utilizing the scheduling, networking, and healing found within Kubernetes, Longhorn can focus on making data highly available for workloads to consume.


k3OS is an operating system completely managed by Kubernetes. It launches in seconds and runs almost anywhere. As a combined Linux and Kubernetes distribution it has the smallest attack surface and simplest upgrade process of any Kubernetes installation. It’s lightweight, agile, and includes k3s.

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