Recording: March 2016 Online Meetup: Building Containers-as-a-Service

Gray Calendar Icon Published: April 1, 2016
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

Rancher is out of Beta, in our March online meetup we shared how to build a full-stack container platform.

After nine months of beta, hundreds of thousands of downloads, and endless contributions to the open source community, Rancher 1.0 is now available. To celebrate, we focused our March meetup on demonstrating what’s new in 1.0 and providing an overview on how to use Rancher to deliver containers as a service for your organization. During the meetup we were also joined by Srdjan Boskovic and Don Olmstead from Sony Playstion, who shared how they were using Rancher and the Rancher Catalog to provide development tools for their team. As always, we demonstrated all of this live, while we answer any and all questions you may have about Docker, Rancher, Swarm, Kubernetes and more. Unfortunately this month we forgot to share our screen for the first few minutes, but we had it working by the time we got into the real content. The video is qutie long because there were so many questions at the end, but you can jump to the main topics by following the links below: 10:35 - Containers-as-a-Service with Rancher 1.0 Overview - Shannon Williams 23:00 - Demo - Darren Shepherd 59:55 - Rancher @ Sony Overview - Srdjan Bosckovic 1:13:30 - Sony Demo - Don Olmstead 1:31:00 - Additional Q&A - Shannon and Darren

We have also shared the slides from this months meetup on SlideShare.

Rancher March 2016 Online Meetup Containers-as-a-Service with Rancher 1.0 from Shannon Williams

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